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Frequently Asked Questions About Inpatient Admissions and Services

Q: When are outpatient services or inpatient services needed?

A: Every patient’s behavioral health journey is different. At Banner Health, we believe in a team approach to your care. The initial step in your journey is an assessment. At this assessment, you will discuss the best options for you with our trained staff. Call the Banner Appointment Line at (602) 254-4357 to schedule your assessment over the phone or in person.

Q: What is the normal length of stay for inpatient services?

A: The length of the stay may vary, but the average stay is 3-7 days.

Q: What can I bring when I am in inpatient services?

A: During your inpatient stay, we are dedicated to making you feel at home and as comfortable as possible. Don’t bring more than you would pack for a short, informal vacation. Bags, backpacks and purses will be locked up for safe keeping and can be accessed during your stay.

Q: Can my teen have visitors?

A: Yes, parents and/or guardians may visit once a day. Please call the unit to request a time to visit and to learn more about any visitor restrictions that may be in place.  We don’t allow visits from friends and other family members. Parents and/or guardians need a visitor’s pass from the front desk and must check in with a staff member before each patient visit.

Q: Can I have visitors, as an adult?

A: Yes, to meet everyone’s needs, we have different visiting hours depending on the patient’s level of care. We encourage family members and friends to attend the family group sessions when they visit. The weekend groups are focused on helping the family understand addiction and recovery. More information about these group sessions will be made available during the patients stay and may vary depending on the program.

Q: How much does inpatient care cost?

A: We accept most insurance plans so you can stay focused on you and your loved one’s health and not have to worry about cost. Check with your insurance company if you have any questions about coverage.