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Inpatient Assessment

Life can be stressful sometimes. Job loss, divorce, loss of a loved one and many other events can lead to depression, anxiety or other medical and psychiatric conditions. There are also instances when the cause of these conditions is unknown, and it’s normal if you’re unsure why you’re feeling differently.

What Is an Inpatient Assessment?

An inpatient assessment is the first step in the treatment process for behavioral and mental health. An inpatient assessment is used to help determine whether patients would benefit from inpatient services or be better served by outpatient and/or community-based support resources.

During an assessment, your provider will conduct a limited physical exam and evaluate and discuss your behaviors, conditions and symptoms with you. Your provider may also perform tests to evaluate your mental health such as disorder screening tools and patient questionnaires.

Where Can I Get Mental Health Care?

For inpatient services, care is available at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, where there are specific programs offered such as inpatient behavioral and mental health services for adults and teens. At the Banner Behavioral Health Hospital, patients can receive individualized support for mental health issues, dual diagnoses (mental health and substance abuse) and detox for alcohol and/or psychoactive drugs.

Patients can also have a free assessment done over the phone by calling the Phoenix Valley Help Line at 480-448-7511 to determine if inpatient services are right for them.

What Happens After an Inpatient Assessment?

Following the inpatient evaluation, patients may be admitted for psychiatric care, recommended for outpatient support services or referred to outside community agencies for assistance.

At Banner Health, we believe in a comprehensive approach to your care, which means, often, any inpatient recommendations are made in partnership with your doctor. Learn more about what to expect during inpatient care here.

If you have been admitted for inpatient services, you may continue care in outpatient services after your inpatient recovery is complete.

Banner Health’s professional staff offers individualized treatment plans. We can help patients with co-existing psychiatric and substance abuse problems. We are dedicated to providing safe, confident and compassionate treatment as we deliver a wide range of inpatient services.