Multidisciplinary Clinic

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It is no secret that patient care is most effective when it is truly collaborative. At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, our Multidisciplinary Clinic brings together physicians from virtually all cancer specialties to provide highly coordinated and compassionate patient care.

What is a Multidisciplinary Clinic?

In a traditional health care setting, a patient facing a cancer diagnosis may be referred to multiple specialists for tests and consultations before a care plan is ever created. But, at Banner MD Anderson, our Multispecialty Clinic streamlines the process by bringing cancer care specialists together under one roof.

While in one of our exam rooms, a patient meets with his or her physician team for the first time. The diagnosis is confirmed, physician colleagues are brought in to provide on-site consultations as appropriate, and a treatment plan is established.

And through it all, patients and their families receive support from our staff of highly specialized oncology nurses, clinical navigators and other health care professionals who help outline next steps in the cancer care journey.