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Vulvar Cancer

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At Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, we know you need a team that treats you with compassion and understanding while providing comprehensive, personalized health care. Our team of doctors, experts and health care professionals understands your needs both as a patient and as a person. We work together to evaluate your illness and develop a treatment plan centered around you. 

What Is vulvar cancer?

Vulvar cancer is a type of gynecological cancer that develops in your vulva, the area at the opening of the vagina (birth canal). Vulvar cancer is rare and often starts as precancerous changes that can be treated before they become cancerous. It’s often diagnosed in women age 70 or older.

What kind of doctor treats vulvar cancer?

At Banner MD Anderson, we employ a multidisciplinary approach to treat all types of cancer, including vulvar cancer. Our team of experts, including gynecological oncologists and radiation oncologists, work together to develop an individual care plan based on your unique needs.

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What are signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer?

Symptoms of vulvar cancer aren’t the same for everyone. Many women notice bumps, burning, pain, itching, bleeding, discharge, sores or lumps.

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Causes of vulvar cancer

There’s no one cause for all types of vulvar cancer. Advanced age, human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, cervical cancer, melanoma, smoking and other factors can increase your risk.

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How is vulvar cancer diagnosed?

Pap tests and pelvic exams can identify problems that could indicate vulvar cancer. If your doctor is concerned about a growth, they will remove, or biopsy, a small amount of tissue for testing. With these results, your doctor will determine how advanced your cancer is and help you develop a treatment plan.

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How is vulvar cancer treated?

Vulvar cancer is often treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Your doctor will discuss your treatment options with you, based on your diagnosis and cancer stage.

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