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Athlete Testing and Evaluation

Until you know your current level of skill or ability, it’s impossible to take your performance to the next level. You may run fast, but how fast? You may be agile, but how agile?

At the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center, our high performance lab uses the latest in cutting-edge sports science and research to understand each athlete. We are Arizona’s most advanced public facility for sport and human performance testing and evaluation.

Our facility is equipped for all athletic populations, ages and performers, whether healthy athletes or those returning after injury. We use the same technology trusted by the world’s leading sports organizations and biomechanics labs to understand the unique movements and forces produced by athletes to guide individualized game plans and programs to enhance overall health and performance.

We capture and use data and analytics to create an individualized athlete profile to identify and unlock barriers, customize data-driven game plans, programs and workouts and monitor to ensure we maximize outcomes, performance and recovery levels.

We can assess the following to evaluate all aspects of your performance profile:

  • Human movement analytics to identify dysfunction
  • Sport-specific analytics
  • 3D biomechanics
  • Sports science
  • Performance capacity and output metabolic analysis performance nutrition needs
  • Mental performance

Each test and evaluation include reporting and consultation to help you understand where you are today. We advise on strategies and programs we offer to transform your performance in the future

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