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Return to Performance

Returning to perform is the final stage of your return to play process. Realizing an optimal level of preparedness following injury or surgery is often daunting for people of all ages and skill levels.

As you finish your physical therapy and feel ready to play again, it’s important that you are mentally confident and physically prepared before your return to performing. The Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center’s return to performance program bridges the gap between rehab services and return to competitive sports and high-intensity activities.

Our experts work with each athlete and use performance diagnostics to objectively measure function and readiness to return. Our team’s analysis allows us to develop individualized plans to help you return to an optimal level.

The return to perform program includes:

  • Periodized assessments and evaluations to monitor status, update programming and maximize readiness
  • Personalized training with a focus on progressive sport-specific return to performance preparation, injury prevention and skills development training
  • Integrated programming for nutrition and mental performance

Banner Sports Medicine and the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center provide a complete continuum of care for any injury. Athletes and performers of all ages and skill levels can access the best team and facilities to help them return to their sport or activity efficiently and safely.

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