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The Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center is not just for athletes - we are for anyone. Our innovative performance and training complex delivers performance testing and evaluation, personalized programming and expert coaching and support to elevate your game safely and effectively.

Personalization is essential to create the most sustainable and efficient path to success.

Services we offer at the Banner Sports Medicine High Performance Center include:

Athlete Testing and Evaluation

Our high performance lab is Arizona’s most advanced public facility for sport and performance testing and evaluation. Our facility is equipped for all athletic populations and performers, whether healthy or returning to your sport after injury.

We utilize technology employed by the world’s leading sporting organizations and biomechanics labs to understand the unique motions and forces produced by athletes to guide individualized game plans and programs to enhance overall health and performance.

Learn more about athlete testing and evaluation.

Injury Prevention

Athletic-related injuries can be devastating and sometimes require surgery, intensive rehabilitation and time away from the sport you love.

At the High Performance Center, injury prevention is our priority. It helps keep you in the game and keeps health care costs down. We help every athlete prepare for and recover from training, activity or competition to maximize your readiness and ability to perform and excel. 

Learn more about injury prevention.

Mental Skills

You’ve put in the physical work, now it’s time to train your mind. Our Mental Skills program at the High Performance Center offers sport psychology strategies to enhance your focus, resilience and overall performance.

Whether you’re setting goals, building confidence or managing stress, our expert team is here to help you excel. Benefit from personalized mental skills coaching designed to meet your unique needs and competitive level. 

Learn more about mental skills.

Performance Nutrition

Feel like your nutrition might be holding you back? If you’re tired of feeling held back by poor nutrition and want to unlock your full athletic potential, we’re here to help.

At the High Performance Center, our expert team led by a registered dietitian, provides personalized nutrition plans designed to enhance your training, performance and recovery. From tailored meal plans to hydration strategies and supplement guidance, we offer comprehensive support to help you optimize your performance and achieve your goals.

Learn more about performance nutrition

Performance Training and Skill Development

The High Performance Center uses Optimum Performance Training (OPT), an evidence-based training system that has been researched and proven in virtually every sport and activity to advance athletic development and performance levels. In addition, clients have access to dynamic and progressive programming within multiple training environments specialized to integrate sport-specific skill development within the athlete experience.

Our multi-disciplinary team works together to lead and support each client on their journey to optimum performance.

Learn more about performance training and skill development.

Recovery and Regeneration

Science has proven that recovery is as important as training. Recovery and regeneration are critical components of long-term athletic development and success. 

The High Performance Center offers athletes a recovery zone that aims to improve physical and mental recovery using innovative technologies, tools and programs based on the latest science.

Learn more about recovery and regeneration

Return to Performance

Returning to perform is the final stage of your return to play process. Realizing an optimal level of preparedness following injury or surgery is often daunting for people of all ages and skill levels.

As you finish your physical therapy and feel ready to play again, it’s very important that you are mentally confident and physically prepared before your return to performing. The High Performance Center’s return to performance program bridges the gap between rehab services and return to competitive sports.

Our experts work with each athlete to use performance diagnostics to objectively measure function and readiness to return. Our team’s analysis allows us to develop individualized plans to help you return to at an optimal level.

Learn more about return to perform.

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