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What Is the Difference Between a Cyst and a Tumor
It’s natural to get some lumps here and there from time to time, such as a pimple or an injury from a bump or fall. Our bodies are wonderfully lumpy and...
Jun 27
Los Beneficios de Dejar de Fumar (Una pista: Pueden comenzar en cuestión de minutos)
Romper con un hábito es difícil – especialmente cuando se trata de dejar de fumar. Probablemente hayas criado hijos, malabareado un trabajo complicado...
May 26
How to Eat Right When You’re in Treatment for Cancer
If you’re being treated for cancer, it’s important for you to get the nutrients you need. They can help you feel better and stronger, and help you heal...
Apr 05
Preparación para su colonoscopia
Admitámoslo, hacerse una colonoscopia no entra dentro del concepto de diversión de nadie, pero es una prueba muy importante. Pero quizás, más desagradable...
Mar 24
Expert Advice to Prevent Gagging During an Endoscopy
Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? This sensitivity can lead to significant difficulties with swallowing pills and tolerating dental work and endoscopic...
Mar 03
9 Ways You Can Reduce Your Risk for Cancer
In some way, almost everyone will be touched by cancer in their lifetime. In fact, 1 in 2 women and 1 in three men will be diagnosed at some point in their...
Feb 02
Cold Caps: Preventing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy
An annoying cowlick, frizzy hair that can’t be tamed—we’ve all had bad hair days from time to time. But for those with hair loss, particularly those experiencing...
Jan 21
How Childhood Cancers Differ from Adult Cancers
Even though your child may be the spitting image of you or share your unique personality, they aren’t just small adults. Children require special care...
Jan 17
Por Qué Tus Hijos No Deben Saltarse la Vacuna Contra el VPH que Combate el Cáncer
La mayoría de los padres de familia eligen vacunar a sus hijos contra el sarampión, la polio, la meningitis y otras enfermedades prevenibles mediante la...
Jan 16
How to Manage Your Mucositis During Cancer Treatment
If you’ve gotten chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, or radiation therapy for cancer in your head, neck or mouth, there’s a good chance you’ve also...
Jan 05