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That Little Pouch or Bump on Your Eyelid Could Be a Papilloma
Anytime you notice a change around your eye, you might worry about whether it might affect your appearance or even your vision. If you develop something...
Jul 29
What an Optometrist Would Like You to Know About Blue-Light Glasses
If you have trouble sleeping or experience eyestrain, you might blame blue light, and you might be considering buying glasses that can filter it out. But...
Feb 11
Red Eyes: The Most Common Causes and Treatments
Pet allergies, pollen, a day at a sandy beach … There are lots of possible causes for red eyes. If you’re having a hard time pinpointing why your eyes...
Jan 18
These 4 Tips That Can Help You Cope with Low Vision
There’s a good chance you don’t have 20/20 uncorrected vision—182 million Americans use glasses or contact lenses to correct their eyesight, according...
Nov 10
¿Algo Se te Metió al Ojo? Encuentra Alivio con Unas Cuantas Parpadeadas
Los ojos son poderosos… y muy sensibles. Si algo se ha quedado atrapado en tu ojo en alguna ocasión, entonces, ya sabes qué tan sensibles pueden ser. Incluso...
Sep 27
Glaucoma: How You Can Protect Your Eyesight
Here’s the scary thing about glaucoma. You might not know you have it until you’ve lost a lot of your peripheral vision, and maybe even some of your central...
Aug 19
Signs Your Child May Have Vision Problems
As parents, it’s easy to notice when your child has outgrown their shoes or when something isn’t quite right. But the signs of vision problems aren’t always...
Jul 26
¿Puedo Sufrir una Quemadura de Sol en los Ojos?
El verano está a la vuelta de la esquina y eso significa que es momento de desempolvar el traje de baño y aplicarte el bloqueador solar. No hay nada como...
May 24
Should You Be Worried About Those Pesky Eye Floaters?
Even if you’ve never noticed eye floaters, you probably have a few—they are small spots that drift around in your vision. “They may look like circles,...
Apr 07
Which Eye Drops Should I Choose?
It’s that time of year again. Your eyes are itchy, you sneeze constantly, and you wake up tired no matter what time you went to sleep. Seasonal allergies...
Jan 17