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Inherited Epilepsy? It’s Rarer Than You Think
Although it may be hard to believe, until 1956, people with epilepsy weren’t allowed to get married in 17 states in the U.S. due to widespread misunderstandings...
Jan 24
‘Getting a Grip’ on Trigger Finger and Dupuytren’s Contracture
Do some of your fingers not have the same range of motion they once did? Maybe they’re beginning to curl inward a bit more. Do you feel resistance when...
Dec 28
Are Your Stomach Symptoms a Sign of Celiac Disease?
You can’t seem to go more than a few days without dealing with diarrhea. And maybe you’re also facing abdominal pain, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and joint...
Apr 27
Why Is My Period So Heavy? 5 Things to Know About von Willebrand Disease
Do you suffer from heavy periods that last for several days? Do you find yourself soaking through pads and tampons every hour or two? Have you missed school,...
Mar 08
El Cáncer de Mama Triple Negativo: Conoce los Hechos Acerca de Su Diagnosis y Tratamiento
El término “cáncer de mama” hace que parezca que todos los cánceres que atacan a la mama son iguales. Pero esa noción es demasiado simplista. Lo cierto...
Feb 27
What to Know if You Are a Mosquito Magnet
Is there anything more satisfying that scratching a bug bite? It’s the same feeling of fleeting relief that comes from supersizing your fries, buying a...
Jul 18
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Bedside Stories: The Flashlight Option
Patient Kim Alten’s annual mammogram led to an option to have genetic testing for cancer, which can help determine whether someone – and their family –...
Jun 15
Respira Mejor: Opciones de Tratamiento para los Asmáticos
Si bien más de 25 millones (en inglés) de estadounidenses sufren de  asma (en inglés), en cada persona el asma es diferente y puede variar a lo largo de...
Jun 11
Hip Dysplasia: Are You at Risk?
Could you have hip dysplasia and not even know it? “Hip dysplasia is often diagnosed at infancy, but it’s possible for you to reach skeletal maturity without...
Jun 07
Cushing’s Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Jun 06