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Cómo Puedes Reforzar Tu Sistema Inmunológico
Tu sistema inmunológico es tu mejor defensa ante a la enfermedad. Todos nacemos con inmunidad innata (en inglés) que tiene el propósito de limitar o prevenir...
Mar 23
Is Your Desk Job Killing You?
Thousands of years ago, we didn’t have buildings, cars, food delivery services or any of the modern conveniences we take for granted today. We woke up...
Mar 14
Adult Performance Supplements: Are They Safe?
Have you ever tried a performance supplement? If you drink coffee or soda, the answer is “yes,” according to Steven Erickson, MD, a sports medicine specialist...
Feb 26
Pros And Cons Of Meal Kit Delivery Services
If you are looking to spice up your dinners, eat healthier or simply take the headache out of meal planning and shopping, then a meal kit delivery service...
Feb 19
What is Lactose Intolerance, Really?
Here’s a scenario: You have always loved any food containing dairy. Yogurt with granola is your standard breakfast of choice, macaroni and cheese is your...
Feb 16
Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Worth It?
Sugar … ah, honey, honey. You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you. This song is an oldie but goodie by the Archies, and while it may be about...
Feb 09
Maintain, Don't Gain: Healthy Holiday Eating Habits
Nutrition experts from Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center share healthy recipes that meet diet restrictions for cancer patients, while also being healthier...
Dec 29
Small Changes to Start Eating Healthier
If you’re like many Americans, you’re thinking about how you can eat healthier this new year. But, do you have an action plan to make this goal a reality?...
Dec 23
Just a Month Without This Can Make You Healthier
As the sun rises on January 1st, many Americans may be exchanging nights out at the bar with gym memberships and new weight loss resolutions. For millions,...
Dec 20
Are Sparkling Waters Bad for You?
Since it was invented several centuries ago, it’s gone by many names: seltzer, carbonated water or sparkling water. Today, this bubbly beverage is more...
Dec 15