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Food and Mood: Is Your Food (or Lack Thereof) Making You Hangry?
Feeling, blue, blah or just downright hangry? Your food (or a lack thereof) could be partly to blame. It’s been scientifically proven (and not just in...
Apr 13
5 Reasons to Reorganize Your Pantry, Plus Tips to Get Started
Over the last few decades, but especially during COVID-19, many of us are shopping less and buying more in bulk to last us longer. “There’s definitely...
Apr 08
How to Stop Gaining Weight as You Age
Are you finding it hard to maintain your weight as you get older? Rebecca Moran, MD, a family medicine physician at Banner Health Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,...
Apr 06
Are Spicy Foods Healthier?
You sit a little taller than everyone else when you hold all five fingers up to the server. But you don’t order spicy food for the adoration of your tablemates....
Mar 26
Busting the Myths Behind How Much Water You Should Drink
How much water should you drink? Forget the simple math—eight glasses a day isn’t the answer. And forget the complicated math, too—half your body weight...
Mar 25
Am I Giving Myself an Ulcer?
Certain stresses in our lives can’t be avoided. And when life gets too stressful, we often answer with late nights, poor diet and pot after pot of coffee....
Mar 24
Is Your Blood Sugar Stable? Why 'Glycemic Variability' Matters
Eat a bagel? Your blood sugar level goes up, then down. Go for a walk? Your blood sugar level drops. Fight with your son about homework (again)? You guessed...
Mar 13
When to Worry About Your Child’s ‘Nuggets and Fries’ Diet
Just about every parent has dealt with a picky eating phase with their child. Whether it’s macaroni and cheese (only the orange kind!), yogurt that has...
Mar 12
9 Great Peanut Butter Substitutes for People with Allergies
For those of us who grew up eating PB&Js for every meal, a peanut allergy can sound like a prison sentence. Toss out other peanut-based favorites like...
Mar 03
Menopause Is on Your Horizon. Does That Mean You’ll Gain Weight?
You had your last baby years ago, and afterward the pregnancy pounds came off. Since then, your weight has been (mostly) stable. Until now, that is. Nothing...
Mar 01