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Bone Broth: A Nutritious Elixir or the Latest Gimmick?
If you believe everything you read on the internet, bone broth might be the solution to all your problems. You’ll see claims that it aids digestion, fights...
Jan 20
4 Tips to Cool Down Nocturnal Heartburn
There’s no feeling more relaxing than when you finally lay down and crawl under your warm blankets. The only thing cozier on a winter evening is a crackle...
Jan 13
Can You Overdose on Vitamins? Watch for These Symptoms
We’ve all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you.” But what about when it comes to vitamins? Can you ever really overdo them? “Yes,...
Jan 07
5 Consejos para Salir de una Rutina Alimenticia Durante la Pandemia
Es muy fácil caer en la rutina alimenticia, especialmente durante una pandemia. ¿Tus comidas favoritas se sienten repetitivas? ¿Tus hijos ya no preguntan...
Dec 31
Veganuary: 7 Things to Know Before Eating Vegan for a Month
Since 2014, almost a million people in 192 countries have tried Veganuary—eating vegan for the month of January. People try vegan diets for lots of reasons....
Dec 28
8 New Updates to the Nutrition Facts Label You Need to Know
You shouldn’t need a master’s degree in nutrition to shop for healthy foods. In an effort to make vital information more obvious, the Food and Drug Administration...
Dec 20
Your Tasty Comfort Foods Get Healthier with 9 Smart Strategies
Grilled cheese with a side of piping hot tomato soup. Gooey macaroni and cheese. Another slice of warm apple pie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Winter...
Dec 11
Decoding Six Milks and Milk Alternatives
Watch out cow’s milk. You’ve got some stiff competition in the dairy aisle. In the last couple of decades, you may have noticed the dairy aisle has changed...
Dec 01
Should I Take Cod Liver Oil or Consider Other Fish in the Sea?
Back in the day – like centuries ago – cod liver oil was touted as a cure-all. Want to prevent a cold?  Take a spoonful of cod liver oil. Got rickets?...
Nov 22
Is Squatting the Answer? How to Deal with Constipation
What happens (or doesn’t) happen in the bathroom is your business. But when “business is slow,” you want a solution right away. To discuss the uncomfortable...
Nov 20