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9 Natural Remedies For Tummy Aches
Most people have experienced an upset stomach at some point in their lives. They can be uncomfortable and get in the way of your – or your child’s – daily...
Jan 13
Does Your Pain Mean It’s Time for a Knee Replacement?
If your knees ache and you’re not always able to do the things you want to do, you may wonder if it’s time for knee replacement surgery. It can be a great...
Nov 18
What Is Cupping Therapy, and Does It Work?
When you’re stressed, tense or battling muscle aches and pains, you may consider getting a massage, taking a hot bath, stretching or trying deep breathing/meditation....
Nov 03
Pediatric Palliative Care: Improving a Child’s Quality of Life
If your child faces a life-threatening disease or life-limiting condition, it can be undoubtedly challenging on them and your family. Treatments and medications...
Oct 13
5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Pain Management Appointment
As much as you might want to live a pain-free life, it’s almost impossible to avoid physical pain altogether. Whether you wrench your back replacing your...
Sep 21 3
3 Grandes Motivos por los que tu SII Podría Estar Empeorando
Todo puede parecer un tanto misterioso cuando tienes síndrome de intestino irritable (SII, por sus siglas en español o IBS, por sus siglas en inglés)....
Apr 19
Tailor’s Bunion: The Hard Bump on Your Pinky Toe
Most of us are familiar with bunions, the bony growths on the outside of the feet near the big toe. But did you know you can get bunionettes too? While...
Apr 18
How to Manage Your Mucositis During Cancer Treatment
If you’ve gotten chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, or radiation therapy for cancer in your head, neck or mouth, there’s a good chance you’ve also...
Jan 05
La Manera en que la Dieta Puede Aliviar los Síntomas de la Artritis Reumatoide y los Trastornos Autoinmunitarios
La mayoría de nosotros ha oído la frase: “eres lo que comes”. Tomada literalmente, ¿cuántos de nuestros hijos parecerían nuggets de pollo o sándwiches...
Dec 28
‘Getting a Grip’ on Trigger Finger and Dupuytren’s Contracture
Do some of your fingers not have the same range of motion they once did? Maybe they’re beginning to curl inward a bit more. Do you feel resistance when...
Dec 28