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Understanding Pulmonary Embolism Risk During Pregnancy
For pregnant women, stories of pulmonary embolism (PE) are an all-too-common headline in the news. Two examples from recent years include the passing of...
Apr 19
What Should I Avoid Eating and Drinking When Breastfeeding?
For nine months (or more!), you’ve carefully avoided deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses, alcohol and other foods that you just couldn’t stomach during pregnancy....
Apr 09
How to Stop Gaining Weight as You Age
Are you finding it hard to maintain your weight as you get older? Rebecca Moran, MD, a family medicine physician at Banner Health Clinic in Phoenix, AZ,...
Apr 06
Painful Periods? Adenomyosis Could Be the Cause
Periods, periods. While few women really enjoy regular periods, a bigger issue can arise if you experience heavy, painful ones. There are many factors...
Apr 03
Prenatal Screenings and Tests: What to Expect Every Trimester
Although getting pregnant is an exciting (life-altering) experience for most women, it can be a bit overwhelming with frequent doctor visits and all the...
Apr 01
Why Is My Period So Heavy? 5 Things to Know About von Willebrand Disease
Do you suffer from heavy periods that last for several days? Do you find yourself soaking through pads and tampons every hour or two? Have you missed school,...
Mar 08
Mastitis: What Every New Nursing Mom Needs to Know
Breastfeeding for the first time can bring up lots of questions and worries for new moms, like how you should nurse the baby, how do you keep your milk...
Feb 24
Punto límite de la pandemia: las madres que trabajan no están bien
Ser un padre que trabaja es difícil, pero especialmente para las mamás. Hay mucha presión para hacerlo todo y hacerlo a la perfección. Puede ser agotador...
Feb 22
12 Consejos para Dar la Bienvenida a un Nuevo Bebé Durante la COVID-19
Mucho ha cambiado para los nuevos padres debido a la COVID-19. Por lo general, llevar a tu nuevo bebé a casa seguiría con una avalancha de visitantes y...
Feb 15
If You’re Expecting and Your Hands and Feet Itch, It Could Be Cholestasis
When you’re pregnant and your body is changing every day, you’ll notice all kinds of unusual symptoms. Maybe you get lightheaded. Maybe food tastes different....
Feb 08