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Three Things to Know About Cording (Axillary Web Syndrome)
You’ve recently completed breast cancer surgery, so you’ve undoubtedly been through a lot. In the weeks following your surgery, you may have some pain....
Oct 22
How to Recognize and Treat an Ectopic Pregnancy
In the early stages of pregnancy, a fertilized egg implants itself in the protective lining of the uterus and begins the growth process until birth. However,...
Oct 19
8 Posibles Causas para el Dolor Pélvico Crónico en las Mujeres
Como mujer, ocasionalmente – o mes con mes – podrías experimentar cierto dolor en tu zona pélvica, el área que se ubica debajo de tu ombligo y arriba de...
Oct 12
¿Es Seguro que Tome Antibióticos Si Estoy Embarazada?
Al estar embarazada, por lo general, hay una larga lista de lo que debes hacer y lo que no debes hacer durante esos nueve meses en los que estás cargando...
Oct 09
Los 10 Alimentos que Comer y que Evitar Cuando Tienes Endometriosis
Lo más probable es que tú o alguna conocida tenga endometriosis, una condición crónica que – con frecuencia – produce dolor y que puede permear en todos...
Oct 05
Pregnancy Fatigue: What’s Normal and What’s Not
Are you dragging these days? Does a nap sound fantastic right now? Life can be exhausting at times, but especially when you’re pregnant. It’s totally normal...
Sep 20
9 Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know for a Safe Night Out
With your head up, eyes focused, keys between the knuckles, you scan the parking garage as you make your way alone to meet your friends for a night on...
Sep 14
The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Your Baby Is Born
After your baby is born, you might be eager to pack up your maternity clothes and get back into your pre-pregnancy outfits. But all the baby weight doesn’t...
Sep 10
How Long Should I Wait to Try and Get Pregnant Again?
Do you have baby fever … again? You’re still getting the hang of late-night feedings and swaddling, but you and your partner are anxious to add another...
Sep 02
When Should I Worry About Cramping During My Pregnancy?
When you’re pregnant, your body undergoes many changes as it makes room for your little one (or two or more!). While some of these changes may be no big...
Aug 28