Language and Interpretation Services

At Banner Health we recognize good communication is at the foundation of your care. We have many resources to provide you, your legal authorized representative and/or other individuals whom you authorize the assistance needed.

You have access to interpretation services 24/7 at no personal cost to you. Learn more about languages commonly spoken in our communities - additional languages are available.

How Do Interpretation Services Work

Patients with speech, visual, hearing, sensory or manual impairment or language barriers (known collectively as barriers to communication) will be provided an equal opportunity to participate in and to benefit from our services. These language and interpretation resources are available free of charge.

Patients, their legally authorized representative or other individuals as authorized by the patient are offered the services of an interpreter once communication barriers have been identified or services have been requested. Interpretation by family, friends, or untrained staff members is prohibited with the exception of unforeseen emergent situations when Banner Health may need to rely on these individuals until a medical interpreter is available.

Communication accommodations may also be initiated by any Banner Health staff member who is interacting with a patient who has a speech, visual, hearing, sensory or manual impairment. These accommodations can also be made for the patient’s legally authorized representative, or other individuals as authorized by the patient.

Sample Services Provided

For deaf or hard of hearing patients communication accommodations may include:

  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • TTY
  • Closed Caption (available on all televisions)
  • Amplified telephones
  • Use of qualified sign language and/or oral interpretation
  • Any combination of the above

For blind or low vision patients communication accommodations may include:

  • Guidance and verbal instructions regarding surroundings and obstacles
  • Reading and providing information about a treatment or procedure
  • Verbal instructions for all follow-up information
  • Telephones for visually impaired patients are available in some locations.

For patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) communication accommodations may include:

  • Banner staff medical interpreters
  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • Contracted interpretation and translation services
  • Telephonic interpretation
  • Banner trained Language Assistants

For patients with speech impairments, one or more of the following aids will be made available:

  • Writing materials
  • Communication boards
  • Computer

For patients with manual Impairments, one or more of the following will be made available:

  • Assistance with holding printed materials and turning pages as needed
  • Note-takers
  • Speaker phone
  • Other effective methods that help to ensure effective communication by individuals with manual impairments
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