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Side Hustle Stress: How To Keep Your Cool

Starting that business you’ve always dreamed about is hard work, especially if you have a professional and personal life to maintain. Turning your hobby or passion into a side hustle can often mean working more than you’re used to. It can keep you from personal and social events and may be a financial burden. Learn when side hustles are healthy and when you may want to step back with the help of Roxane Conant, Banner Health occupational health wellness senior manager.

The Benefits

Often, side hustles stem from passions and lifelong hobbies. They can be enjoyable and a great way to spend extra time growing your creativity, business skills and resilience. Of course, they can also be an additional source of income.

“Side hustles are a great way to funnel your passion and interest into something you love,” Conant said. “They allow you to work for yourself, explore your passion and put your energy into something you think is really fun.”

When to Take a Step Back

Take caution: The extra time, energy and effort you’re putting into your side hustle can lead to burnout, stress, frustration and fatigue, all of which can impact your personal and professional life. If you are starting to lose the initial excitement and interest in your side hustle, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate how much time you are putting into it. Are you falling behind in your day-to-day job? Are your personal relationships suffering?

“Side hustles can be unhealthy if you’re all-consumed and it’s taking up all of your free time. You should be able to see your family, rest and get plenty of sleep in between your real job and your side hustle,” Conant said. “For instance, if you are a baker, you may be busier during the wedding and graduation seasons, but less busy during other months of the year. Recognize the busier times and the slower times and be sure to take time for yourself. Whether it’s getting away for the weekend to create downtime in the midst of a busy season or making time for your family, it’s important to recognize when you need a break, before you get to a breaking point.”

Pursuing your dreams can be a very rewarding experience, especially if it comes with a little bit of additional income. If you are becoming stressed out about work or your side hustle, speak to a Banner Health mental health specialist about tools and tactics you can use to keep your cool.

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