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The Life-Changing Benefits of Belly Breathing
Have you ever watched a baby breathe? Their little bellies rise and fall with each breath cycle. This deep breathing, which is also called diaphragmatic...
October 23
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Adrenal Fatigue: Real Condition or Something Else
Are you feeling tired, stressed and searching for answers? You might have come across the term adrenal fatigue as an explanation for your symptoms while...
October 06
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How Clearing Out Your Clutter Can Reduce Your Stress
It can seem like you see clutter everywhere you look. That basket of laundry you’ve been meaning to fold is sitting out on your dining room table. The...
September 27
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Stressed? Here’s How to Lower Your Cortisol Levels
With busy schedules and lives, it’s common for many adults to experience high levels of stress and anxiety sometimes. But if you are continually stressed...
August 07
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The Best Strategies for Working from Home Long-Term
Back in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sent almost everyone home and lots of people quickly found ways to do their jobs remotely. Today, many people have...
July 17
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All the Ways Stress Can Impact Your Life
You’ve heard the adage. Death and taxes are the only two certain things in this world. But we’d like to add one more thing – stress.   Fortunately, stress...
April 21
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Your Guide for Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Safely
Essential oils may seem like a buzzy, modern trend. But these oils, made from concentrated plant extracts that contain the aroma and flavor of the plants,...
April 14
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Good Stress vs. Bad Stress: How Can You Tell the Difference?
Imagine that out of nowhere, your boss asks you to tackle a new project with a short deadline. It’s a stressful scenario — you’ve got other important responsibilities...
March 10
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Hey, Ladies! You’re Never Too Young to Focus on Heart Health
As a woman, you may be well aware of your risk for breast cancer and other female-related diseases, but what about your heart? Unfortunately, heart disease...
February 24
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Women and Heart Disease: Know the Facts About This No. 1 Killer
When we see a heart attack victim in the movies, typically we see a middle-aged man gripping at his chest and falling to the floor in dramatic fashion....
February 06