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Knowing These Top Suicide Warning Signs Could Save a Life
If you are experiencing intense emotional or physical pain, you may think that dying by suicide is the only way out or the best solution. It can seem like...
July 10
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Scanxiety: Tips for Coping with Anxiety About Cancer Scans
If you have cancer or are a cancer survivor, you’ll likely undergo medical imaging scans to screen for, diagnose, stage or monitor your cancer for recurrence...
May 29
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All the Ways Stress Can Impact Your Life
You’ve heard the adage. Death and taxes are the only two certain things in this world. But we’d like to add one more thing – stress.   Fortunately, stress...
April 21
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Your Guide for Using Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Safely
Essential oils may seem like a buzzy, modern trend. But these oils, made from concentrated plant extracts that contain the aroma and flavor of the plants,...
April 14
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Sensory Overload in Adults: Tips to Calm Your Senses
The dog is barking, your child is crying, and you burned dinner, so the smoke alarm is blaring. Finally, the noise, the smoke, and the mess become too...
March 24
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8 Do’s and Don’ts to Help a Loved One with Anxiety
Many of us deal with bouts of worry, fear and concern from time to time. But for those with anxiety, thoughts and feelings can become so intense and overwhelming...
March 03
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Beta Blockers: Prescription Medicine for Your Heart
When it comes to matters of your heart, chances are you’ve heard about beta blockers. A beta blocker is one of the most prescribed medications for those...
November 23
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Signs Your College Student Is Struggling With Mental Health Issues
These days, a lot of college students struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. In fact, about one in three young adults experience...
November 09
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Am I Having a Panic Attack? Signs and How to Cope
It’s just a typical day at work. You’re typing away at your computer, when out of the blue your hands begin to tremble, your heart races and you begin...
July 26
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What Can Happen When You Have Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a behavioral health disorder where your emotions, mood, behavior, relationships, impulse control and self-image...
July 22