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What to Know About the Worrisome Link Between Stress and Stroke
If you need another reason to get your stress levels under control, here’s one — high stress may increase your risk of stroke. Your odds of having a stroke...
May 03
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Women and Stroke: Know Your Risk and Warning Signs
When it comes to health concerns, strokes might not always be top of mind for many women. Yet, strokes are a significant health risk for women.    Here’s...
April 29
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Supporting Your Teen with Epilepsy: A Guide for Parents
Your child has reached their teen years when they naturally seek more freedom and independence. But as they’re going through adolescence, for some teens...
March 22
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Navigating Recovery After a Brain Injury: A Guide for Patients
Whether you have a mild concussion from a sports collision or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a car accident, a brain injury will make an impact on...
March 18
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Weather-Related Headaches: Coping With Barometric Pressure Changes
For a lot of people, an approaching storm can be an annoyance. It might mean commutes grow longer, windows need to be closed and parties or sports games...
January 11
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Can a Jellyfish Protein (Apoaequorin) Really Improve Your Memory?
Keeping our brains sharp and memories strong becomes a big deal as we age. We try everything — puzzles, exercise, healthy eating, you name it.  But what...
December 28
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What Is the Difference Between a Stroke and Aneurysm?
In the world of human health, there are two conditions that people sometimes confuse: a stroke and an aneurysm. These two health events can be tricky to...
October 16
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How Physical Therapy May Help Control Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, you know how it can make it tough to function. The disease can cause tremors, stiffness and balance issues...
October 05
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Try These Treatment Options If Your Back Surgery Fails
Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) is a difficult diagnosis to deal with. If you’ve had surgery to treat your back pain, you were surely hoping it would...
September 22
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These 8 Surprising Health Conditions Could Be Triggering Your Migraines
The pain, light sensitivity, nausea and fatigue you feel with a migraine might feel like it strikes out of the blue. But sometimes, there’s a health condition...
August 15