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Is My Tattoo Infected? 5 Signs and What to Do About It
Tattoos are personal pieces of art you carry with you everywhere. Getting one is a unique experience and an investment. You may have spent a lot of time...
March 01
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What Bit Me? Types and Treatment of Common Bug Bites
As you enjoy the great outdoors or cozy up in bed at night, encountering bugs is sometimes unavoidable.  You know how annoying these little creatures can...
February 01
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How the Right Treatment Can Help with Disfiguring Burn Scars
If you have a burn injury, you’re well aware of how painful it can be and how hard it can be to recover. Burns can cause uncomfortable scars, restrict...
January 01
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10 Tips to Have a Safe Thanksgiving Meal
Many Americans will gather for Thanksgiving this year to reconnect, express gratitude and gobble up delicious turkey and treats. While Thanksgiving may...
November 18
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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments Could Help You Heal
If you have a wound that’s not healing properly or is healing slowly, you might benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With these treatments, you breathe...
November 13
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Why It’s Time to Get Hydrogen Peroxide Out of Your Medicine Cabinet
You probably have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide kicking around somewhere in your medicine cabinet. Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic properties, so a lot...
November 10
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Follow These 5 Steps to Treat a Dog Bite
Even friendly dogs can get spooked now and again. If you or your child have had a run-in with a scared or aggressive dog, you know that a bite happens...
August 16
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Fire Up the Grill, But Don’t Forget These Safety Tips
When the weather heats up, so do our grills. Backyard barbeques, or BBQs, are a dietary staple in the summertime, but they can be dangerous too if you...
June 28
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The Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Athlete’s Foot
Our poor feet. They carry our weight, they keep us upright, they give clues about our overall health. But they’re often neglected. (If only they weren’t...
February 02
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Bad Vehicle Injury? You May Need Microvascular Flap Surgery.
If you’ve had an accident that’s caused extreme tissue damage — the kind that store-bought products can’t fix — then microvascular flap surgery might be...
December 29