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Burns: Types, Degrees and How to Prevent Them
Have you ever stayed out in the sun too long only to feel the burn later? Or checked on steaming vegetables only to bristle in pain as the hot steam hits...
Jul 21
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Scorpion Stings: Myths and Facts
They’re creepy and they’re crawly, and one may be hiding in your shoe! If you live in the desert or a semi-dry climate, you’ve probably encountered a scorpion...
Apr 29
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Surviving Trauma: A Burn Surgeon's Perspective
Treating a serious burn takes a dedicated burn unit and an exceptional team of professionals. To be able to treat their patients, burn professionals must...
May 13
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Stay Safe In The Kitchen This Thanksgiving
It’s almost time to get cooking! With turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and any other holiday favorites, the kitchen is bound to be operating at...
Nov 19
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10 Situations When A Wound Needs More Than A Bandaid
I recently took a nice tumble onto the middle of the road, while goofing off with friends one afternoon. While the story leading up to the fall is a bit...
Dec 17