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Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

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We know it can be a challenge to cope with a behavioral or mental health condition. It’s even tougher if it means you have to take time away from work, school and other responsibilities. At Banner Health, we provide diverse options for mental and behavioral health care in outpatient settings for children, teens and adults so you can focus on getting the help you need while still maintaining your sense of normalcy as much as possible.

What are Outpatient Mental and Behavioral Health Services?

Banner Health’s outpatient behavioral and mental health programs are for people of all ages coping with serious and stressful difficulties in their lives. Our goal is to provide outpatient options whenever appropriate. If you are receiving inpatient care, we work with you to provide an outpatient care program as soon as you’re ready and the time is right.

We encourage families and loved ones to support you and participate in the programs where possible. Our state-licensed therapists and counselors are recovery-focused and specialty-trained in a wide variety of mental health conditions.

Some of the common behavioral and mental health conditions we treat in an outpatient setting include:

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Many behavioral health issues can be treated without hospitalization through outpatient programs and therapies. Banner Behavioral Health operates an array of outpatient behavioral health programs for children, teens and adults facing a wide range of behavioral health concerns. Banner Health’s outpatient programs can be used as a part of a comprehensive care system designed between you and your doctor. Behavioral and mental health outpatient clinics at Banner Health provide the following treatments and services:

What to Expect During Outpatient Services

Your behavioral and mental health journey at Banner Health begins with a free assessment. You will receive an assessment either in-person at the Banner Behavioral Hospital in Scottsdale or via a free intake assessment over the phone by calling (602) 254-4357.

During the assessment, a team member will ask you a couple of questions about your behaviors and moods. It’s important to have an open conversation to ensure you are directed to the right path of care.

Our mental health professionals use screenings and other diagnostic procedures to identify potential mental and behavioral problems early — before they become severe and more difficult to treat.

The Banner Appointment Line at (602) 254-4357 is a great place to start. It provides a brief screening to determine if Banner Health can help you with mental health or substance abuse concerns.

If you are located in Tucson, the Banner - University Medicine Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Clinic can help. 

Once a decision is made that outpatient services are the best option for you, a treatment program can be chosen that are specific to your disorder.

Whether you’re looking to address mental health issues ranging from depression and anxiety, to grief, coping with trauma and more, Banner Health is here to support you. Our caring staff and specialists are by your side.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Locations

Banner Behavioral Health has four different outpatient locations around the valley that provide intensive outpatient services (IOP). Please call the locations below directly or call our intake line at (602) 254-4357 to schedule or ask questions.