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Benefits of Banner Pharmacy

Our Banner Family Pharmacies offer a special kind of service to our patients. Our expert pharmacists take time for one-on-one education and personal therapy consultations. If you’re visiting the hospital, you can often get your prescription filled before you leave.

You can also transfer your current prescription in just three easy steps and enjoy our affordable, fast, convenient and well-stocked pharmacy. Whether it’s prescriptions, over-the-counter medications or hygiene items, you’ll feel right at home at Banner Family Pharmacy.

Learn more about the benefits our pharmacies have to offer below.

Clinical Pharmacists

A clinical pharmacist is a member of your health care team and works with you, your provider and other health care team members to provide medication therapies, promote health and prevent disease. Additionally, our board certified clinical pharmacists can focus on ensuring you get the most out of your medication therapies for diabetes, heart disease, blood thinning (anticoagulation) and other chronic diseases.

As you continue to regularly see your primary care provider, clinical pharmacists will see you in between visits to help you safely manage your medications. Patients can meet with their clinical pharmacists either in-person, via telephone or via secure messaging.

Clinical pharmacists can provide:

  • Medication and condition education
  • Promotion of medication safety
  • Intensive behavioral therapy focusing on diet and physical activities
  • Achievement of therapeutic outcomes in a cost-effective manner
  • Promotion of chronic disease self-management
  • Medication adjustments

Learn more about medication therapies here.

Medication Discharge Program

Banner Health’s Medication Discharge Program makes it easier than ever for patients or families to receive prescriptions before leaving the hospital. Our team works closely with your provider and insurance companies so you’re able to go home with the medications you need when you’re discharged from the hospital.

Our Medication Discharge Program allows patients and their families to:

  • Focus on recovery
  • Avoid added stops at the pharmacy
  • Reduce wait times
  • Receive individualized medication counseling

Additionally, we can work with your prescriber on medication not covered by insurance.

The Medication Discharge Program at Banner Health helps make your recovery process stress-free and convenient for you and your family members.

Banner Health Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy can fill medications that treat chronic, acute or even rare medical conditions.

Through our specialty pharmacy services, you’ll receive integrated, hands-on service from your provider and pharmacist. We also offer free shipping, refill reminders and access to our therapy management programs, which help you track your treatment and meet your medication goals.

Our pharmacy order service is available via phone, 24-hours a day. Banner Pharmacy Services – Specialty Care is dedicated to providing affordable, easy and convenient care to all our patients.

Learn more about our specialty pharmacy services here.

Banner Pharmacy App

The Banner Rx app simplifies your pharmacy experience. Our app keeps patients connected with any Banner Family Pharmacy while they’re on the go. The Banner Rx app brings convenience to the palm of your hands.

With the Banner Rx app, you can:

  • Refill a prescription whenever, wherever you are
  • Schedule refill reminders
  • Check the status of a prescription request
  • Transfer prescriptions to any of our pharmacies
  • Locate the nearest Banner Family Pharmacy

Learn more about the Banner Rx app here.

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Banner Family Pharmacy is committed to providing patients with the easiest and most convenient pharmacy experience possible. We’re here in your community to help you get the most out of your medications.

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