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Drug Disposal Program

Banner Health offers a convenient way to dispose of drugs that are no longer needed or expired with our drug disposal program. No matter your reason for disposing, find a drug disposal program at a Banner Family Pharmacy near you.

What is the Drug Disposal Program?

Have you ever wondered what you should do with your prescription medicine that is expired or no longer needed? Banner Family Pharmacy offers a safe and convenient way to dispose of them with our Drug Disposal Program.

Simply bring the medication to one of our designated Banner Pharmacy locations and use the MedSafe container to dispose.

Dangers of Taking Expired Medications

When medicine has expired, it’s best not to use it anymore. Medications that have expired can be less effective or risky to consume because their chemical composition can change, or they can decrease in strength. Some expired medications can be at risk of bacterial growth. Antibiotics that have lost potency can fail to treat infections. This could lead to more serious illnesses and antibiotic resistance.

In addition, medicine that stays in cabinets is highly susceptible to misuse, diversion and abuse.

Expired medications can also pose a risk to family pets or injure children if taken by mistake.

How to Safely Dispose of Medications

When disposing of your medication in one of our MedSafe drug disposal bins, medications should be left in the original packaging or placed in clear bags and dropped into the device slot. Pills, ointments, creams, powders, nebulizer solutions and liquid medications less than 4 ounces are also accepted.

Please do not place needles, aerosol substances (such as inhalers) or other medical supplies into the device.

MedSafe containers are accessible during regular pharmacy hours. Contact the Banner Family Pharmacy nearest you for any questions or concerns.

When the option to dispose at a Banner Family pharmacy location is not available to you, you can also dispose of certain prescription and over-the-counter medications at home either by flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash.

Locating a Drug Disposal Bin

Our Pharmacy Drug Disposal Program is available at the following Banner Pharmacy Locations. Find the one nearest you today.

East Valley

Phoenix & West Valley

Tucson & Casa Grande


For other community locations near you, visit the Drug Enforcement Administration website.

Banner’s Pharmacy services are committed to providing patients with the easiest and most convenient pharmacy experience possible. We’re here for all of your medication needs.

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