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Banner Health’s commitment to excellence in patient care makes a difference in people’s lives every day. As an esteemed member of the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), Banner Research is recognized for their ethically-sound research and the strict requirements it upholds to ensure patients are protected. Our distinguished research institutes and memory and movement care Centers of Excellence provide expert medical care services and clinical research in disease treatment and prevention.

The research we conduct plays an important role in advancing medicine and shaping how care is given to future generations. The clinical trials at our research institutes offer a chance at tomorrow’s medicine today with access to cutting-edge, investigational treatments not yet accessible by the public.

Memory and Movement Care Centers of Excellence

Banner Health’s Centers of Excellence for memory and movement disorders are designated research facilities recognized for their leadership, best care practices, research and support services for patients and families impacted by neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy body disease and related dementias. These Centers of Excellence provide a new standard of care that brings together innovative clinical research and evidence-based practices with essential patient- and family-support services and resources.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center delivers premier care to those diagnosed with cancer. Offering an exceptional patient-focused approach in a nurturing and safe environment, Banner MD Anderson provides oncology expertise in all aspects of cancer care. Patients have access to the most advanced investigative cancer treatments and clinical trials, delivered by oncology experts that can offer hope and a chance at tomorrow’s medicine today. The partnership between Banner Health and MD Anderson, one of the nation’s leading cancer centers, is a testament to the promise that patients will receive first-rate medical care.

Facility-based and Academic Research

Banner Research provides a wide variety of resources and support in conducting research at our Banner Health community-based hospitals, outpatient facilities and academic medical centers. In February of 2015, Banner Health and University of Arizona entered into an Academic Affiliation Agreement by which they agreed to collaborate in growing research programs and accelerating the delivery of innovative diagnostics and therapeutics critical to patients. Both organizations are committed to working together to establish and maintain a robust and compliant research environment that supports the development and conduct of joint studies, attracts and retains outstanding researchers and other research professionals and maximizes access to external research funding. 

Nursing Research

Banner nurses can work in an environment that embraces evidence-based practices and research. Our Nursing Research projects and initiatives engage in clinical inquiry and continuous evaluation of practice to deliver excellent care and achieve optimal outcomes. Nurses conduct about 20 studies a year in multiple disciplines across all regions in the Banner Health system.

Our Research Institutions and Clinics