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Research Programs at Banner Health

The trailblazing research programs at Banner Health advance medical science to improve patient outcomes and the health care landscape. As a leader in clinical study, Banner Research diligently works to uncover new knowledge and converts groundbreaking discoveries into better care for patients.

Banner Health Research Programs and Initiatives

The clinical research programs at Banner Health are recognized for innovating cutting-edge medical breakthroughs. These transformative discoveries are used to build a strong foundation for pioneering new treatment options in combating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, cancer and other life-altering conditions.

Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, established by Banner Alzheimer Institute, is an online community that matches researchers and scientists with potential study participants. Additionally, registry participants have access to the latest news, research updates and upcoming opportunities via email newsletters.


Like the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry, GeneMatch also places Alzheimer’s research ahead of the curve by matching eligible volunteers with prevention studies based on genetic information. Healthy volunteers can participate in studies to benefit scientific advancement and aid in finding a cure to this devastating disease. GeneMatch volunteers must be between 50 and 90 years old, live in the United States and not have any cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's disease or dementia.

Brain & Body Donation Program

Elderly volunteers in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area can participate in the Brain & Body Donation Program through the Banner Sun Health Research Institute. Through their generous gift, those who choose to donate their bodies allow pioneering Banner Sun Health Research Institute scientists and researchers to move medicine forward. Participants in the program are studied before and after death. Organs, tissues, biomaterials and biospecimens collected after death are shared with qualified researchers worldwide. More than 3,000 program participants have joined in scientific efforts since Banner Research’s Brain & Body Donation Program launched in 1987.

Center for Healthy Aging

Elderly volunteers can participate in longevity studies through Banner Sun Health Research Institute’s Center for Healthy Aging. The Learning From Our Elders program is the first medical research study in Arizona to explore many factors contributing to healthy aging through non-invasive observation. Seniors over age 50 can enroll. Participants complete questionnaires and interviews about their demographics, family and medical histories, physical activities, memory and psychosocial behavior.

All of Us Research Program

The All of Us Research Program is a partnership between Banner Health and the University of Arizona that seeks to recruit one million or more people to share their health data in a database. The goal of the All of Us Research Program is to provide clinical researchers with the data required to understand how genetic and environmental factors and lifestyle impact overall health. Researchers and scientists use the information in the database to conduct a variety of studies on diseases, illnesses and health. Volunteers from Arizona and northern Colorado can participate.


Banner Research has partnered with entities such as the National Institute of Health (NIH) to participate in the RECOVER Long COVID Program. This national medical research program is focused on studying the long-term effects of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. Involved researchers seek to understand PASC, which stands for post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2, and better understand, prevent and treat Long COVID. Because millions of people have been affected by COVID-19, this program could offer a large impact on public health.

Our collaborative learnings have led to the development of a comprehensive Long COVID Treatment program.

Banner Health Research Program Collaborations

Many Banner Research programs are offered in collaboration with other leading institutes and organizations.

For example, Banner Health is one of only 33 major medical institutions that receive funding from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) as a recognized Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC). As a designated ADRC, Banner Research is able to provide opportunities for those with Alzheimer’s disease to join clinical trials, as well as advanced care for those living with this condition.

Other partnerships associated with Banner Research programs include the Arizona Alzheimer’s Consortium, Gates Venture Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and the Michael J. Foxx Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease Research.  Learn more about Banner Health research program partners.

Participating in Banner Research Programs

There are a variety of ways to participate in the world-class research performed at Banner Health’s Centers of Excellence and research institutes. Patients, scientists and physicians, and even philanthropists all have unique opportunities to be an integral part of research programs at Banner Health.

For Patients

Banner Research provides opportunities for patients to receive new treatments through clinical trials.

For Medical Professionals

Research programs and partnerships through Banner Health allow physicians and scientists access to the ground floor of medical discovery.

For Donors

Philanthropy serves as the foundation of many of Banner Health’s research programs.

Learn More About Research Programs at Banner Health

With so many diverse research programs and so many ways to participate, Banner Health is able to move medicine forward. Contact Banner Research for additional information.