What is Tianeptine (AKA Gas Station Heroin)?
Most gas stations today are like well-stocked mini marts. Some stations, like Wawa and Buc-ee’s, even offer high-quality food and clothing. The gas station...
Feb 02
Why Do I Keep Getting Strep Throat?
We can all agree that having a sore throat is miserable. Some people describe it as trying to swallow razor blades or broken shards of glass, which is...
Jan 31
What Are Braxton Hicks Contractions?
As your body changes during pregnancy to make room for your baby, there are some symptoms you might expect — and others that come out of the blue. It’s...
Jan 26
Is It a Heart Attack or a Pulled Chest Muscle?
Sharp pain and tightness in your chest. Difficulty breathing. These are just a few of the symptoms of a potential heart attack, but they can also mirror...
Jan 25
How to Use Supplements During Cancer Treatment
Navigating a cancer diagnosis and making critical decisions about your health may be overwhelming. When considering ways to help boost your immunity and...
Jan 23
Parent’s Guide for Taking Newborn Temperatures
As a parent, there’s nothing more precious than your child. If you suspect your little one is running a fever, it can be worrisome — especially if they’re...
Jan 20
6 Conditions That Affect Men More Than Women
Ovarian cancer can affect anyone with ovaries, just as prostate cancer can affect anyone with a prostate. People with these reproductive organs may identify...
Jan 19
Scoop on Poop: 5 Things to Know About Your Poop
Kids love potty talk — especially poop jokes. There are even silly poop songs that will have your kids giggling. Just ask Siri, “Play [Insert Your Name]...
Jan 18
Bad Breath? It Could Be Caused by Tonsil Stones
You brush your teeth twice a day – sometimes even three – floss and drink plenty of water. You’ve even cut out coffee, but you still can’t seem to curb...
Jan 17
Is MSG Bad for You? You May Be Surprised
Food fears aren’t a novel thing. The evolution of diet trends and food preferences has certainly influenced what we’ve purchased and eaten over the years.  In...
Jan 15
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