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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Congenital Heart Defects
For expectant parents, your first ultrasound is your initial glimpse at your baby. However, for your medical team, it’s their first view at your baby’s...
Jan 21
What Parents Of Youth Athletes Should Know About Concussion
As a parent of a child in contact sports, it’s important for you to be prepared if your child suffers a head injury during play.  An estimated 1.6 to 3.8...
Jan 15
Uh Oh, Your Child Swallowed Something: What Do You Do?
If you have a young child, you know how curious your little one is about everything. Because most young children identify objects through taste, anything...
Jan 11
Help Your Tween Navigate Their Emotions
You survived the terrible twos, along with the three-nager and fournado years, and you were certain this level of training had prepared you for anything—or...
Jan 04
Why Does Your Kid Lie?
Chances are at some time or another, you’ve lied to your child. There are many reasons parents lie, like keeping a tradition such as Santa Claus (spoiler...
Jan 03
Bye-Bye Pacifier: When And How To Stop
They have gone by many names in many different households over the last century: binky, paci, lovey, wubby. But for many parents, pacifiers are a wonderful...
Dec 30
Do I Need to Worry If My Baby Has a Flat Head?
Since the American Academy of Pediatrics launched its Back to Sleep campaign in the 1990s and the more recent Safe to Sleep campaign by Centers for Disease...
Dec 21
Weight Loss Apps – Are They Healthy for Kids?
Today’s American children and teens are growing up behind screens. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or computer, American kids between the ages of 8 and...
Dec 12
How to Care for Your Baby in the NICU
The birth of a baby can be one of the most exciting times for your family. But, having your newborn spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)...
Dec 11
Help! My Kid Insists on Wearing Shorts in the Winter.
“You’ll catch a death of cold going outside with wet hair/dressed like that!” You’ve may have heard your mother or grandmother say this to you when you...
Dec 10