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12 Consejos para Dar la Bienvenida a un Nuevo Bebé Durante la COVID-19
Mucho ha cambiado para los nuevos padres debido a la COVID-19. Por lo general, llevar a tu nuevo bebé a casa seguiría con una avalancha de visitantes y...
Feb 15
How to Spot Warning Signs of Liver Disease in Children
What’s the most important thing you need to know about serious liver disease in children? It’s very rare. Keith Hazleton, MD, PhD, a pediatric liver specialist...
Feb 14
Croup Could Be Triggering Your Baby’s Scary-Sounding Cough
A croup cough can be frightening for children and their parents. Children with croup have a cough that sounds like the bark of a seal. The child may also...
Feb 02
What is Oral Thrush in Babies and How Can I Prevent It?
Is your baby extra fussy these days – especially during feedings? If you’re nursing, have you also noticed your nipples are all of a sudden sore and red?...
Jan 28
Nightmare or Night Terror? How to Help Your Child
If you’re a parent, you’ve most likely been awoken from a dead sleep to the sound of your little one crying out from their bedroom. Nothing can make you...
Jan 24
Tongue-Tie: What Is It and How Is It Treated?
Cat got your tongue? While a cat isn’t literally holding your tongue, you may have felt tongue-tied before—tripping or stumbling over your own words. But...
Jan 23
Growth Charts: Does My Child Measure Up?
From the moment your child is brought into this world—and every well-check thereafter—they will be measured by their physician. Measured for growth and...
Jan 06
Tired Again? 5 Signs Your Child Has Poor Sleep and How to Help
Is your child getting enough zzz’s at night? Do they wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or do you find yourself peeling them away from their bed each...
Dec 22
8 Formas de Ayudar a Mantener Sana a Tu Familia Este Invierno
El invierno siempre trae un mayor riesgo de resfriados y gripes, y este año, en medio de la pandemia de la COVID-19, es más importante que nunca mantener...
Dec 06
Brrr, It’s Cold! Six Tips for Dressing Your Kids for Cold Weather
For some of us, we revel in cooler temperatures. The very idea of being able to pull out your winter jackets, boots and scarfs can bring joy. But for your...
Dec 04