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How CardioMEMS Helps People with Heart Failure Stay Healthy
Heart failure is a serious health issue for a lot of Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 6.2 million U.S....
Dec 09
Don’t Drive Yourself to the Hospital During a Heart Attack
“Tough” is a dad who stubs his toe on the door jamb and doesn’t say a word. “Self-reliant” is a mother that carries all the grocery bags (in one trip)...
Nov 18
6 Health Monitoring Tools Every Home Should Have
Data, data, data! If there’s one thing the modern world can’t get enough of, it’s information. The same is true for the health industry. Over the last...
Nov 08
Lo Que Necesitas Saber Acerca de Tus Niveles de Oxígeno en la Sangre
Antes de 2020, probablemente no pensaste mucho en tus niveles de oxígeno en la sangre. Quizás hubo un momento en que te enfermaste o necesitaste cirugía,...
Oct 22
Will an Aspirin a Day Really Keep a Heart Attack Away?
Will an aspirin a day keep a heart attack at bay? The answer: It depends. If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke, or are at high risk for one (and not...
Oct 17
Feeling Lightheaded? Learn About Hypotension
Your couch isn’t exactly a roller coaster and your living room isn’t an amusement park. But when you stood up too fast the other day, you almost fell over...
Oct 13
¿Tu Joven Deportista Podría Necesitar un Examen del Corazón Después de la COVID-19?
Los padres de atletas jóvenes tienen muchas cosas en sus mentes. “¿Han comido? ¿Lavé su uniforme? ¿A qué hora es la práctica? ¡Amarra tus zapatos!" Y como...
Oct 08
7 Ways to Lower Your Sodium Intake
As Americans, we sure do love our salt. From processed foods like potato chips and pretzels to salad dressings and pastas, adults take in an average of...
Sep 21
Understanding the Treatment Options for Chronic AFib
The heartbeat is like an orchestra conductor, keeping time and pace with your daily activity. Your organs are like the musicians, all playing perfectly...
Sep 14
Get “the Skinny” on Fats: The Good, the Bad and the Worst for You
What comes to mind when you hear the word “fat?” Most of us are not a big fan of this three-letter word. There are many negative attitudes, emotions and...
Sep 07