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For Seniors: A Checklist for Good Health
Staying healthy is important at any age, but for seniors, it is even more important for living a long, happy and active life. Here is a quick checklist...
Oct 18
La Importancia de las Vacunas Contra la Influenza Cuando Tienes Una Enfermedad Cardíaca
He aquí una estadística relevante que probablemente desconozcas: casi la mitad de los adultos hospitalizados debido a la influenza (o gripe) también tienen...
Oct 15
Is Nighttime Mouth Breathing Affecting Your Health?
Our bodies don’t have off buttons, which means a lot can happen while we sleep. Although you may not remember it in the morning, you could feel the effects...
Oct 03
Let’s Talk About ‘Fatty Heart’ — And If You Should Be Worried
The human heart is a fascinating, powerful organ. Doctors and scientists are learning more about it with each passing day — and in turn, so are the rest...
Sep 23
Infective Endocarditis: A Dangerous, Hard-to-Diagnose Condition
Most of the time, your heart’s valves and lining stay healthy and free of infection. But they can sometimes develop infective endocarditis. The disease...
Aug 23
8 Ways to Improve Your Health After a Heart Attack
If you’ve had a heart attack, you may feel like your life as you know it is over. But a heart attack can also motivate you to make the lifestyle changes...
Aug 08
Should You Be Concerned About Your Heart Palpitations?
Your body is like a tiny orchestra with a hundred musicians playing in perfect harmony. It’s a beautiful performance, but all it takes is one flat violinist...
Jul 28
Camina a Tu Ritmo Hacia Una Mejor Salud con Estas Sugerencias
Caminamos todos los días. Caminamos a la cocina para servirnos un café. Caminamos cuando paseamos al perro. Algunos incluso caminan al trabajo. Pero, ¿sabías...
Jun 24
La Enfermedad Cardiovascular, el Derrame Cerebral y la Enfermedad Arterial Periférica: ¿Cómo se Relacionan?
Un problema similar puede atacar tu cuerpo en distintas áreas. La enfermedad cardiovascular (en inglés) afecta al corazón. El derrame cerebral (en inglés)...
Jun 14
Are Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids Risky to Take Long-Term?
Is there anything better than crawling into bed after a full day? Your body craves sleep. But it seems as soon as you pull the covers up, your mind immediately...
May 26