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Could Long QT Syndrome Be What’s Causing You to Faint?
If you’re prone to fainting, you’ll want to figure out what’s going on so you can take steps to treat the cause. After all, you’re at risk of falling and...
Mar 14
The Right Way to Take Your Blood Pressure at Home
For a lot of people, taking their blood pressure at home is a crucial step in monitoring their health. It’s essential to get an accurate reading, but there...
Feb 12
11 Heart Health Beliefs That Are No Longer True
The science around heart health changes all the time as researchers discover more about how what we eat and what we do affects our cardiovascular system....
Jan 10
5 Things to Know About Taking Blood Thinners
Millions of Americans are prescribed blood thinners each year. These life-saving medications have proven to be successful, saving countless lives, but...
Dec 03
Beta Blockers: Prescription Medicine for Your Heart
When it comes to matters of your heart, chances are you’ve heard about beta blockers. A beta blocker is one of the most prescribed medications for those...
Nov 23
How a Structured Walking Program Might Lessen Your PAD Leg Pain
If you have peripheral artery disease (PAD), the cramping and discomfort it can cause in your calves, thighs and buttocks can impact your life. You may...
Oct 11
What to Expect if You Need an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
If you have certain heart problems or conditions, your doctor might recommend an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). The idea of having something...
Sep 30
5 Ways to Take Care of Your Heart
Taking care of our hearts should be a top priority for everyone. Your heart is a powerful, important organ that allows you to function at your best. As...
Sep 26
Controlando tus niveles de colesterol: sugerencias para una dieta saludable para el corazón
Puedes tener muchas metas al comer. Podrías hacer una dieta para subir o bajar de peso, ganar músculo, recargar tu energía para hacer ejercicio, evitar...
Sep 11
What Your Cholesterol Levels Mean and How They Impact Your Health
If you’re 20 years old or older, your doctor has probably recommended that you have your blood tested to check your cholesterol.  When you look at your...
Aug 30