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How Vagus Nerve Stimulation Can Treat Epilepsy, Depression and Stroke
Your vagus nerve is one of your body’s most important nerves.  It starts in your brainstem and extends throughout your body, sending signals back and forth...
Mar 09
Kids Headaches: When Should I Worry?
Your child has a headache. Are they sick? Are they dehydrated? Or is the cause of their headache something more serious? Is now the time to worry? Whenever...
Mar 08
How a Spinal Cord Stimulator Could Ease Your Chronic Pain
If you have pain following back surgery, your doctor might recommend physical therapy, medication or injections. But what if these pain-control options...
Feb 10
Neurofibromatosis: What to Know About This Genetic Disorder
Neurofibromatosis (NF) refers to a group of three genetic syndromes, type 1 (NF1), type 2 (NF2) and schwannomatosis. NF causes tumors that can affect the...
Dec 12
Peripheral Facial Palsy: Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Vs. Bell’s Palsy
Chances are if you were born after 1995 and received the vaccine, chickenpox isn’t a big concern for you these days. Yet, entertainer Justin Bieber’s recent...
Oct 14
Why You Shouldn’t Confuse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Spinal Cord Compression
If you notice weakness, pain, numbness or tingling in your hands or fingers, or trouble with your dexterity, you might think you have carpal tunnel syndrome....
Sep 09
Not Just for Wrinkles: How Botox Can Help With Other Health Conditions
When you think of Botox injections, you probably think of cosmetic treatments. However, in fact, they were originally used to treat a medical condition—eye...
Aug 14
¿Qué es la demencia vascular? ¿Estás en riesgo?
La demencia vascular se clasifica entre los cuatro tipos de demencia más comunes junto con la enfermedad de Alzheimer (varios artículos en inglés), la...
Aug 03
Sobrellevando los Cambios Emocionales y Mentales Luego de Un Derrame Cerebral
Has enfrentado grandes cambios en tu vida como sobreviviente de un derrame cerebral; algunos son físicos, pero otros son mentales. Lidiar con estos cambios...
Jul 31
How You Can Help a Loved One Who’s Struggling with Aphasia
We’ve all heard the phrase “lost for words”. And from time to time we all have problems finding the right words to express ourselves. However, for people...
Jul 20