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Is My Child’s Sport A Concussion Risk?
If you’re the parent of a child in sports, your ears likely perk up whenever you hear a story about kids and concussions on the news. But how much do you...
Feb 25
What Parents Of Youth Athletes Should Know About Concussion
As a parent of a child in contact sports, it’s important for you to be prepared if your child suffers a head injury during play.  An estimated 1.6 to 3.8...
Jan 15
Still Feeling Tired Years After Having Mono?
It’s one of the most common viruses in the world, and it has that unique name: Epstein-Barr virus (EVB). Even though it’s so common, many people don’t...
Dec 11
Restoring Neck Mobility With M6-C Implant
A new implant recently approved by the FDA provides a noninvasive alternative to disc fusions, which allows patients to eliminate what's typically excruciating...
Nov 18
Cómo la tecnología contribuye a encontrar las conmociones cerebrales más rápido
Imagine que su hija juega al “pillapilla” con algunos de sus amigos del vecindario. Gira la esquina y su cabeza choca contra la de uno de sus amigos. Después...
Jun 27
Prevención de Derrames Cerebrales
Luke Perry, el actor de 52 años, recibió gran cantidad de atención por parte de los medios al fallecer recientemente, con la cobertura enfocándose mayormente...
Apr 08
Pruebas cerebrales sorprendentes que los atletas podrían desconocer
Los expertos han analizado durante mucho tiempo sobre las ramificaciones de las conmociones cerebrales, pero debido a que la NFL adoptó un protocolo más...
Jan 29
Top Five Things To Know About Parkinson’s Disease
While Michael J. Fox may be one of the most well-known and famous faces of Parkinson’s disease, it’s not a disease that is easily understood. Moreover,...
Oct 19 1
Stroke Survivor Aims To Inspire Others To Think FAST
Terri Cunningham knew what a stroke looked like. She saw her mother suffer two strokes. Her grandmother died from a cerebral hemorrhage. She knew the common...
May 27 1
Ask The Expert: Dehydration In Dementia Patients
Question: It’s hot where I live, but my loved one with Alzheimer’s refuses to drink water. Should I be worried? How can I get her to drink more? Answer:...
Apr 05 1