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Alcohol Use Disorder in Older Adults: Spot the Warning Signs
“Dad has always enjoyed a drink after work. Now that he’s retired, he’s got a lot more time on his hands.” Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for advancing...
Dec 23
5 situaciones que pueden arruinar sus festividades y cómo solucionarlas | Banner
Las festividades son un momento ideal para viajar. Tal vez tenga planes de viajar a visitar a su familia o amigos o de visitar destinos emocionantes. Aunque...
Dec 16
Tips to Stay Safe on the Road as You Get Older
As you get older, the skills you need to maneuver a car safely can start to deteriorate and make it more dangerous for you to drive. But you probably rely...
Dec 12
Create a Family Emergency Plan in Five Simple Steps
Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and power outages – no matter where we live, we’re not immune to emergencies and less severe events. While we can prepare...
Dec 06
10 Dos and Don’ts Before You Getting Your Body Pierced
From your ears and eyebrows to navels, nipples and genitals, there are lots of unique ways to express yourself these days with body piercings—whether it...
Sep 25
9 Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know for a Safe Night Out
With your head up, eyes focused, keys between the knuckles, you scan the parking garage as you make your way alone to meet your friends for a night on...
Sep 14
How to Avoid Harmful Interactions Between Your Medicine and Food
When you take medication, you need to be careful not to eat or drink certain foods that can cause harmful interactions. “Some foods contain compounds that...
Sep 06
5 Tips to Remove Water from Your Ears
Swimming is a great way to get exercise and cool off—especially in the summertime. But if you’ve ever felt sloshing, a tickling sensation or pressure in...
Sep 03
How Smart Home Design Boosts Comfort for People with Dementia
Most people who are living with dementia prefer to stay in the home where they feel comfortable, surrounded by the furniture and décor they’ve grown to...
Aug 25
Can the Medications I Take Make Me Sensitive to Heat and the Sun?
Summer days spent out on the lake, at the beach or pool with friends and family can be lots of fun. But soaking up the sun could mean trouble for your...
Aug 15