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How to Get Over Your Weight-Loss Plateau
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Sometimes weight loss can feel a little like both. Of course, real healthy changes take time and weight loss doesn’t happen...
Jul 01
Your Guide to the Amount and Stages of Sleep You Need
Getting enough good quality sleep is a cornerstone of good health. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), sleeping well helps...
Jun 26
How to Stay Safe When Lightning Might Strike
When summer thunderstorms roll in, it’s wise to protect yourself from lightning strikes. In 2021, there were more than 194 million lightning events in...
Jun 21
Here’s What Can Happen to Your Body When You Work Out Too Much
For a lot of people, it’s a struggle to exercise as much as they should. But some people have the opposite problem—they work out too much. And while too...
Jun 17
Want Clearer Thinking, Less Stress and Calmer Emotions? Try Meditation
You’ve no doubt heard about many of the ways meditation can improve your physical and mental health. According to the National Center for Complementary...
Jun 12
How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets to Keep Germs Away?
If you asked ten different people how often they washed their sheets, you’d probably get ten different answers. And at least one of those people would...
Jun 07
Fear of Falling Can Restrict Your Life. These Strategies Can Help
If you’ve fallen and hurt yourself, or if your balance isn’t as solid as it used to be, you may be afraid to do some of the activities you used to enjoy....
Jun 06
What the Color of Your Snot Tells You About Your Health
It’s OK to admit it. Raise your hand if you’ve taken a peek at a used tissue after blowing your nose. As gross as this may be to admit, plenty of people...
Jun 02 2
Why Your Doctor Might Want You to Wear Compression Socks
Compression socks or compression stockings are tightly fitting knee-high socks that can help your blood flow. They lightly squeeze your legs, making it...
May 31
Los Beneficios de Dejar de Fumar (Una pista: Pueden comenzar en cuestión de minutos)
Romper con un hábito es difícil – especialmente cuando se trata de dejar de fumar. Probablemente hayas criado hijos, malabareado un trabajo complicado...
May 26