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How to Prepare Yourself and Your Household Before Sickness Strikes
You don’t want to discover you’re out of tissues, decongestants or pain medication when a respiratory infection or stomach bug strikes your family. And...
Dec 04
What Does My Baby’s Apgar Score Mean?
When your baby is born and you’re soaking in your first moments with them, your health care team is quickly assessing your baby’s overall health and well-being....
Nov 30
8 Hangover Cures That Don’t Work, And What Does
Regretting the bevvies you had last night? A night of drinking alcohol – beer, wine, and liquor – seemed like a great idea at the time, but you’ve woken...
Nov 16
How to Deal with a Grown-Up Mean Girl
She’s the judgy mom in your parent group, the coworker excluding you from meetings, and the late-night name-caller trolling you on social media. Some call...
Nov 15
Blood Sugar and How to Keep It Balanced
When you have diabetes, numbers are very important. Understanding your diabetes numbers can help you feel better and have more control over the disease.  One...
Nov 02
Do I Really Need an Antibiotic?
Do your stuffed-up nose, headache and sore throat have you down for the count?  When you’re sick, chances are you want relief — and ASAP. You’re not sure...
Oct 21
What Does the Color of Your Urine Mean?
Unless you smell something “off” (like last night’s asparagus), you probably aren’t thinking about your urine before it swirls down the commode or toilet....
Oct 17
Sickle Cell Disease: Everything You Should Know as Parents
Learning your newborn or child has sickle cell disease (SCD) is shocking and can cause confusion, anger and fear. Like most parents, you may feel responsible...
Sep 27
9 Key Preventive Care Screenings Every Woman Needs
You might be a college student in your 20s, balancing your job and your classes, a mom in your 40s shuttling kids to soccer practice and dance lessons...
Sep 25
5 Ways Your High Heels Can Harm Your Feet and Body
High heels have been around for centuries. It’s believed high-heeled shoes were first worn in the 10th century by Persian military to keep their shoes...
Sep 17