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Is Your Desk Job Killing You?
Thousands of years ago, we didn’t have buildings, cars, food delivery services or any of the modern conveniences we take for granted today. We woke up...
Mar 14
How Clean Is Clean: Sanitizing Your Workout Equipment
It’s a fact: Exercise provides long-term health benefits and can prevent many chronic diseases. But, just as important as the act of exercising is something...
Mar 12
Pros And Cons Of Meal Kit Delivery Services
If you are looking to spice up your dinners, eat healthier or simply take the headache out of meal planning and shopping, then a meal kit delivery service...
Feb 19
When Should You Call Off Work?
With cold and flu season upon us, we asked Azure Zeigler, a family nurse practitioner at Banner Health Center, to help us answer the age-old question:...
Feb 17
What is Lactose Intolerance, Really?
Here’s a scenario: You have always loved any food containing dairy. Yogurt with granola is your standard breakfast of choice, macaroni and cheese is your...
Feb 16
Ice Baths: Are They Worth It?
Cold-water immersion, also known as an ice bath, is a recovery regimen usually done following a high-intensity workout where you dunk yourself in a tub...
Feb 14
The Tdap Vaccine: Everything You Need To Know
When you think about immunizations, you often think of children. While many of the immunizations you received as a child protected you against certain...
Feb 13
Is It Dangerous To Crack Your Knuckles?
While some find it satisfying to crack their knuckles, others might be disgusted by the noise of a joint being popped. We sat down with Giles Becker, MD,...
Feb 08
How Do I Know If I Have A Hernia?
Are you experiencing pain when coughing, straining or lifting, or do you have a noticeable protrusion in your groin, abdomen or near a scar? You may have...
Feb 07
How Far In Advance Should I Hydrate Before A Practice Or A Game?
Athletes seeking peak performance are constantly looking for the best ways to care for their bodies. One of these is making sure you are always fully hydrated,...
Feb 05