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Stop Stalling: How to Overcome Shy Bowel Syndrome
So, we meet again public bathroom. You’ve had your own throne to do “your business on” for the last year or so, and now it’s time to share a bathroom with...
Sep 16
What’s Best for Your Fitness, Static or Dynamic Stretching?
You’ve probably had a physical education teacher, coach or trainer tell you stretching is important. But why, exactly? Is it really a big deal if you’re...
Sep 11
What You Should Know About Quercetin
Let’s talk about quercetin. Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned in discussions about cancer or COVID-19.  This natural ingredient can help your overall health....
Sep 09
How to Help Your Joints Heal and Keep Them Healthy
When your joints work well, you may hardly think about them. You unscrew the lid from a jar, walk down a flight of stairs, or reach to take a book down...
Sep 04
5 Tips to Remove Water from Your Ears
Swimming is a great way to get exercise and cool off—especially in the summertime. But if you’ve ever felt sloshing, a tickling sensation or pressure in...
Sep 03
Why is Comprehensive Care So Important?
“It takes a village…” This phrase is true in many aspects of our lives. Perhaps there is no aspect more relevant than our health. Today’s medical landscape...
Aug 22
What Does My Body Mass Index (BMI) Tell Me About My Health?
Pear, apple, hourglass, triangle or oval. As humans, we come in lots of shapes (fruits!) and sizes. And often, it can reveal quite a bit about our health—but...
Aug 21
Can the Medications I Take Make Me Sensitive to Heat and the Sun?
Summer days spent out on the lake, at the beach or pool with friends and family can be lots of fun. But soaking up the sun could mean trouble for your...
Aug 15
Brand-Name Versus Generic Medications: What’s the Difference?
One product many of us really came to miss early on in the global pandemic was our brand-name toilet paper (yes, TP!). We found ourselves scouring store...
Aug 13
4 Reasons You Should Know Your Blood Type
Do you know your blood type? Don’t worry, there is a handful (more than half of all Americans!) who don’t know theirs either. While you get a B minus for...
Aug 11