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Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Importance of Taking Your Medication as Prescribed
Using medications correctly at the right time and in the right way as prescribed by your doctor can help keep you healthy and control medical issues, but...
Mar 04
What is a Baker’s Cyst? (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do with Baking)
Have you ever heard of a condition called a Baker’s cyst? If you haven’t, it’s okay. Let’s just say it doesn’t have anything to do with baking. A Baker’s...
Feb 26
Is Low Acid Coffee Better for a Sensitive Stomach?
While a spot of tea is a morning habit for many across the pond, coffee is the “fresh part of waking up” for Americans. We drink three times as much coffee...
Feb 23
What an Expert Wants You to Know About the Flexitarian Diet
Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of a plant-based diet, but there are a few foods you can’t imagine giving up. Like the roast chicken dinner you like...
Feb 17
Are Air Fryers Healthier or Just a Bunch of Hot Air?
When you hear the word “fried” in connection with your food, you don’t typically associate it with healthy choices. As we know, eating a diet high in saturated...
Feb 16
Ice vs. Heat: Which Method Is Better to Treat Aches and Pain?
We’ve all been there, whether it’s a bump or bruise or chronic pain. It’s hard not to go through life unscathed in some way or another. The tricky part...
Feb 13
Should I Get an Air Purifier? The Pros and Cons
Like food and water, we need air to survive. While we are well aware of air pollutants outdoors, could the air in your home be bad for your health too?...
Feb 12
5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age
There are all kinds of gimmicks that claim to keep your brain strong and prevent dementia, from over-the-counter supplements to brain training programs....
Feb 09
Seniors with Diabetes: Here’s the Best Way to Plan Your Meals
If you have diabetes, as you get older it can be tough to make sure your meals give you the nutrition you need—and the flavors you want—while keeping your...
Feb 08
Are Sleep Gummies the Answer to a Sleepless Night? 5 Things to Know
The vitamin aisle is looking a little more colorful these days. That’s because a newer form is growing in popularity: gummy vitamins. These chewable supplements...
Feb 06