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7 Microchanges That Can Nudge You Toward Healthier Eating
You come across advice about what to eat practically every time a health headline lands in your news feed. But how do you get there, exactly? How do you...
Mar 29
Endocrine Disrupters: Chemicals That Could Impact Your Health
Every day, we are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of chemicals. They are in our food, the products we use, furniture, medicines and even the air we...
Mar 28
Why You Should Never Sleep with Your Contact Lenses In
If your vision isn’t perfect, you might hate that moment when you wake up in the morning. As you open your eyes, everything is fuzzy or blurry, and the...
Mar 20
Jock Itch or Yeast Infection: Why Am I Itching Down There?
Itching down there is no laughing matter. It can be uncomfortable and worrisome.  But don’t panic just yet. Depending on where your itching is occurring...
Mar 19
How to Start Eating Meat Again After Being Vegan or Vegetarian
There’s a saying that once you go vegan or vegetarian, you never go back to meat. That’s until you do. Nowadays, veganism and vegetarianism are easier...
Mar 12
Eat These 6 Foods to Keep Your Liver Healthy and Happy
When you think of ways to keep your liver healthy, your mind probably jumps to drinking less alcohol. And while it’s true that alcohol is linked with liver...
Mar 03
Your New Baby Has a Birthmark. Should You Be Worried?
As a new parent, you probably check over your baby’s skin from head to toe. You may notice birthmarks, which are areas on the skin that are discolored...
Mar 02
FSA Vs. HSA: How To Work Them To Your Advantage
With premiums, deductibles, in-and out-of-network coverage, and copays, it can be tough to stay on top of your health insurance and health care expenses....
Feb 18 2
6 Exercise Tips to Keep You Moving in Cold Weather
When many of the leaves have fallen and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, getting outside for exercise can be hard — even for the hard-core enthusiast.  Cold...
Feb 03
These Tips Can Help You Get Used to Your Hearing Aid
If you’re struggling to understand what people say, turning up the volume on the TV or avoiding certain restaurants because they’re too loud, you might...
Jan 24