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Top ‘Anytime’ Gift Ideas for Moms That Can Boost Their Well-Being

For many moms, family, work and other responsibilities mean they don’t always get much time to take care of their own needs. It can be tough to find the time to take a shower without being interrupted or to eat a meal that’s more than the crusts they cut off their kids’ sandwiches.  

“Moms generally have to play many roles in their day-to-day lives. They are often stretched thin and sacrifice their own well-being to care for their families,” said Melanie Kelly, PA, a family practice physician’s assistant with Banner Health. 

But just like everyone, moms need self-care. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, an important holiday or just because, a thoughtful gift may give a mom in your life the nudge she needs to take a break and care for herself.  

If you can, offer to provide childcare or help with other tasks so the mom you care about has time to treat herself with your gift.  

Choosing the right gift 

“A good way to pick the best type of gift for the mom in your life is to look at their interests and needs and consider their love language. Some moms love gifts while others prefer acts of service, words of affirmation, spending quality time or physical touch,” Kelly said.  

She suggested thinking about the type of well-being that might support the mom in your life: 

  • For emotional well-being: Journals, weighted blankets, candles, aromatherapy, bath bombs, books with a well-being focus or coupons for back or foot rubs. 
  • For physical well-being: Running or hiking shoes, fitness app subscriptions such as Wall Pilates or All Trails, passes to state or national parks, a gym membership, a jump rope, sports equipment, a water backpack, a weighted vest, books on gardening or seeds. 
  • For spiritual well-being: Meditation apps, prayer apps, spiritual books, tickets to a retreat or daily prayer books. 
  • For intellectual well-being: Puzzles, board games or subscriptions for apps that have intellectual challenges. 

Here are more detailed ideas for top gifts for the moms you care about. 

Spa vouchers 

Spas offer moms a peaceful break in their busy lives. The pampering treatments spas offer can reduce physical tension, calm the mind and restore the spirit. They allow moms to take a break from their responsibilities, recharge and renew their energy.  

Many spas offer: 

  • Different types of massages, such as hot stone massages and pregnancy massages 
  • Various facials designed for general skin care, acne, aging skin or brightening 
  • Manicures and pedicures 
  • Haircuts and coloring 
  • Body wraps 
  • Access to a sauna or hot tub 

You can usually buy a voucher or gift card that’s good for any of the services a spa offers. So if you’re not sure what the mom in your life would like best, choosing a spa with a wide range of offerings is a good idea.  

Fitness trackers 

Moms can often feel like they’ve fit in a lot of exercise, especially if they’ve been running around from school drop-off to work to basketball practice to playdates to dinnertime. But sometimes, that effort is more mental than physical. Moms might be spending more time behind the wheel or at their desks than they think.  

A fitness tracker pairs technology and wellness. It can help the mom in your life see how many steps she’s getting in her day and track other health metrics like exercise, how well she is sleeping, how often she moves, what she’s eating and drinking, her heart rate, her stress management and more. 

There are lots of fitness trackers on the market, so you’ll want to tailor your gift to your budget and the size, battery life, platform and features you think your mom will appreciate. Some popular brands to consider include: 

  • Fitbit, which has a range of fitness trackers and smartwatches. 
  • Apple, which offers a watch that’s popular with iPhone users. 
  • Garmin, which often includes advanced features runners appreciate. 
  • Samsung, which provides fitness trackers and smartwatches with classic watch designs. 

The data that moms get from fitness trackers can help them make smart decisions about how to improve their wellness. And tracking their progress may motivate them to prioritize their health and work toward wellness goals.  

Meditation apps  

Meditation can help moms improve their mental health, focus, resilience and emotional well-being. It can also help them reduce stress and become more mindful and calmer when they are facing challenges.  

Apps have user-friendly interfaces that can guide moms through meditation practices, stress reduction techniques and processes that encourage sound sleep. And moms can use them for short periods of time when they fit into their busy schedules. 

Popular choices include: 

Headspace and Calm both offer free trials. Insight Timer has a free version and a premium version. So you or the mom in your life may want to compare the features in them to figure out which might be the best choice. And, of course, other meditation apps are available as well. 

Healthy cookbooks  

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of healthy living. When moms choose healthy diets, they may have more energy, sleep better and strengthen their physical and mental health. 

Busy moms who are responsible for what their families eat may find that planning meals, shopping for groceries and cooking takes a lot of time and energy. They may default to fast food and processed foods that are easier to prepare. 

Healthy cookbooks can help moms quickly prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families. The best options will vary depending on what the mom in your life and her family like to eat. Some popular options include: 

Personalized gifts

Custom-made gifts can show your thoughtfulness – and many are easy to make. “There are many gifts that cost little or no money. Most moms love homemade gifts and gifts that demonstrate a lot of thought and care went into the idea,” Kelly said. 

You might want to consider the favorite scents, colors or textures of the mom in your life and make a keepsake such as: 

  • An aromatherapy kit with essential oils such as lavender and citrus 
  • A cozy fleece or knitted blanket in her favorite colors 
  • A personalized journal 
  • A candle 
  • A sugar scrub 

The bottom line 

If you’re giving a gift to a mom, consider one that can support her physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual well-being. There are countless choices that show her you understand how challenging her life may be and how much you care. 

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