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Banner Redeploys Corporate Employees To Help Frontline Colleagues

Like so many of her corporate-based colleagues, Tricia Battilana volunteered to help Banner’s clinical teams serve the community’s health care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She spent the past 14 years in an office environment, most recently as clinical risk management director with teams supporting Banner in Arizona and the western U.S. region. That all changed recently as the pandemic created heavy demands on Banner’s clinical teams.

Shifting Her Focus

Battilana rose to the occasion by shifting her focus to support one of several new COVID-19 specimen collection sites in Arizona. The sites enable people who meet testing criteria to schedule an appointment, then drive through the collection site to start the testing process.

You could say Battilana is a bit of an ace in Banner’s sleeve during these difficult times. She’s a longtime nurse who maintained her nursing license for the past 38 years, even during her corporate role.

“These efforts to help so many people during the pandemic involve clinical and non-clinical workers who proudly volunteered to be redeployed in areas of critical need,” she said. “It’s been amazing to see the entire Banner team pull together, no matter who they are or what their role may be. Everybody is doing something that matters, in a time when it’s especially needed.”

A Newfound Appreciation

Battilana has newfound appreciation for the way employees from many positions are helping one another stay positive and focused, while navigating the many intricacies in testing potential COVID-19 patients.

“Everyone smiles and tries to make patients feel more comfortable, especially those who clearly show worries on their face,” Battilana said. “It’s a stressful time, but the team is truly proud and dedicated to be there for the community.”

Battilana has been supporting the clinical team in whatever capacity is needed – assisting in screening as well as supporting and coordinating on-site needs for the collection site team.

“It takes a special group to step away from their norm to do this, and I’m so proud to work with all of them,” she said.

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