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The Things They Carry – Piper Daulton

Piper Daulton gently pulls the necklace from her scrubs. She displays the black Hawaiian pearl with pride. “My grandma gave it to me,” says the physical therapist, who is 28. “I’ve carried it every single day since July 2, when I got the call.”

Last summer, Piper was working up to 64 hours a week in the busy COVID units at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix. When she learned her grandma suddenly died from leukemia, she went home and fastened the silver chain around her neck.

“The Things They Carry” is an ongoing series of profiles highlighting Banner Health’s frontline workers and the personal items that bring them strength and inspiration each day, as they continue to save lives and help make life better for patients. The project is inspired by a popular book about the Vietnam War, The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien, which humanized the story of the soldiers by focusing on unique things they carried during combat.

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