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Discussing the Dangers of Pedicures

There’s nothing better than a day at the nail salon. But, can a pedicure be dangerous? For that answer, we asked Dr. Joseph Dobrusin, Banner Health podiatrist, what to look for when choosing a nail salon and potential dangers of a pedicure.

Are pedicures good for my feet?

Pedicures help many feel pampered and confident. Not only this, but they can help preserve skin moisture, exfoliate the feet and promote circulation.

“Pedicures are great for self-care and relaxation. As long as you do not have medical conditions like diabetes or are immunosuppressed, you can get a pedicure. If you have a cut or scrape, wait until it is completely healed to get a pedicure.” Dr. Dobrusin said.

What signs should I look for in unsanitary nail salons?

Just because a nail salon is in business, doesn’t mean they should be. All nails salons are legally required to be licensed to ensure proper technique, sterilization and equipment storage. If you are going to a salon and you notice a dirty floor, dusty equipment and/or overworked staff, it’s best to leave and find a better option.

What complications can a “bad” pedicure have?

“Unsanitary spa conditions can lead to foot fungus, ingrown toenails and even a dangerous infection,” Dr. Dobrusin said.

When a nail technician is not properly trained and/or licensed, it can lead to cuts. While these small nicks may seem dismissible, it’s important to remember your skin is the first defense against infection. When you are cut and then immediately soak your foot in the water, if the foot tub is not properly disinfected, there is potential for someone else’s dead skin and bacteria to build up in the bath’s water jets and liner.

If are suffering foot or toe pain, visit bannerhealth.com to find a Banner Health podiatrist in your area before you head to the spa.

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