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You Think You’re Venting, but You Might Be Trauma Dumping
Maybe when you’re talking to a new colleague, you overshare details about a fight with your partner. Perhaps a friend mentions a health struggle, and you...
Dec 01
How Family-Based Therapy Can Help Treat Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be one of the most challenging and heartbreaking mental health problems to treat. These conditions typically start between age 12...
Nov 25
How to Deal with a Grown-Up Mean Girl
She’s the judgy mom in your parent group, the coworker excluding you from meetings, and the late-night name-caller trolling you on social media. Some call...
Nov 15
Signs Your College Student Is Struggling with Mental Health Issues
These days, a lot of college students struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. In fact, about one in three young adults experience...
Nov 09
What Can Go Wrong When You Mix Alcohol and Medications
Suppose you’re taking an antibiotic for an infection, treating pain with Tylenol or Advil, or using medication to control heartburn. You might not think...
Oct 28
How Robopets Can Help People with Memory Issues Feel Less Lonely
Robotic pets — machines designed to look and act like actual dogs, cats or other animals —might seem like something out of a science fiction movie. But...
Oct 27
How the Attachment Style You Learned as a Child Affects Your Relationships
When you think back to your childhood, how do you perceive the way your parents or primary caregiver took care of you? The way you recall that early relationship...
Oct 18
Cyberbullying Can Be Tough for Parents to Spot. Here’s What to Watch For
As a parent, your instinct is to protect your child from harm. But it can be difficult to spot some kinds of danger. Cyberbullying is one of those things...
Oct 06
How to Seek Help When You Notice Symptoms of Depression
It can be challenging to spot symptoms of depression in yourself or a loved one, and to know what to do if you see signs of the condition. “It’s common...
Oct 04 4
Can I Take Antidepressants for Depression During Pregnancy?
In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as psychotherapy, taking an antidepressant can help improve your life and day-to-day functioning...
Sep 29