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How to Tell If It’s a Food Allergy or Intolerance Causing Your Symptoms
If you don’t feel well after you eat something, you might assume you have a food allergy. It’s common for people who get symptoms after eating things like...
Nov 08
Here’s How to Break the Itchy Cycle of Hives
If you or your child has ever battled hives, you know they can be frustrating. Hives, also called urticaria, usually start with itching. It’s hard to resist...
Dec 11
Sugerencias para el Manejo de las Alergias Alimentarias durante las Fiestas
La temporada de fiestas está llena de muchas reuniones, celebraciones y platillos deleitables. Sin embargo, si tú o alguno de tus seres queridos padece...
Nov 18
Is It Time to See an Expert for Your Child’s Tummy Trouble?
When your child suffers from stomach pain or digestive problems, it can be tough to figure out precisely what’s causing the trouble. “For some common issues,...
Sep 22
Stomach Troubles? How an Elimination Diet Could Help
We all know eating the right things can help fuel our bodies—ensuring we’re working at our most optimal levels—but for some who are experiencing tummy...
Apr 18
9 Great Peanut Butter Substitutes for People with Allergies
For those of us who grew up eating PB&Js for every meal, a peanut allergy can sound like a prison sentence. Toss out other peanut-based favorites like...
Mar 03
Know the Difference: Sulfites vs. Sulfates
If you‘ve perused the ingredients list on the back of any food or household product, you know it’s the best way to practice the “sound-it-out” reading...
Feb 10
¿Así es que crees que padeces alergias alimentarias?
Nos gusta la comida que nos gusta y la sola idea de ser alérgico a nuestro platillo favorito puede ser bastante difícil. Pastel, sándwiches, pasta, queso…...
Apr 15 1
A Peanut Allergy Cure?
It’s rare that a three-letter government organization changes its stance on a topical issue that has been in place for decades. But when the FDA, or Food...
Oct 02