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Jock Itch or Yeast Infection: Why Am I Itching Down There?
Itching down there is no laughing matter. It can be uncomfortable and worrisome.  But don’t panic just yet. Depending on where your itching is occurring...
Mar 19
6 Conditions That Affect Men More Than Women
Ovarian cancer can affect anyone with ovaries, just as prostate cancer can affect anyone with a prostate. People with these reproductive organs may identify...
Jan 19
What Men Need to Know About Taking Care of Their Skin
In the past, men who wanted to take care of their skin couldn’t find much more than sunscreen and aftershave targeted to them. But now, more men are becoming...
Dec 09
PrEP: Preventing HIV/AIDS, One Pill at a Time
Since the early 1990s, a lot has changed regarding protection methods and treatment therapies for HIV/AIDS. Thankfully today, people are living longer,...
Nov 28
What Is a Fistula? Types and Treatments Explained
What exactly is a fistula? No, it’s not a kitchen utensil that resembles a spatula. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a fistula, you’ve probably never...
Oct 31
5 Ways to Take Care of Your Heart
Taking care of our hearts should be a top priority for everyone. Your heart is a powerful, important organ that allows you to function at your best. As...
Sep 26
Lo que debes saber sobre la vigilancia activa para el cáncer de próstata
Si recibes un diagnóstico de cáncer de próstata (en inglés), te podrían preocupar los efectos secundarios que podrías enfrentar a consecuencia del tratamiento....
Sep 16
Balding? Thinning? Receding? The Basics of Men's Hair Loss
Whether you’re 20 years old or 60, the first signs of hair loss will set off an internal alarm for any man. But before you start counting every strand...
Sep 08
Here’s the Best Way to Eat to Help Keep Your Prostate Healthy
If you’re a man, it’s wise to take steps to keep your prostate healthy. It’s common for your prostate, a small gland that’s part of the male reproductive...
Sep 06
What Your Cholesterol Levels Mean and How They Impact Your Health
If you’re 20 years old or older, your doctor has probably recommended that you have your blood tested to check your cholesterol.  When you look at your...
Aug 30