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Bad Vehicle Injury? You May Need Microvascular Flap Surgery.
If you’ve had an accident that’s caused extreme tissue damage — the kind that store-bought products can’t fix — then microvascular flap surgery might be...
Dec 29
Diabetes Wound Care: Tips for Healing and Prevention
While a small cut or scrape is no big deal for some, for those with diabetes, it can lead to serious complications. When you have diabetes, a number of...
Dec 07
5 Times When You Need More than a Band-Aid for That Cut or Scrape
Cuts and scrapes happen all the time. From a mishap with a kitchen knife to a fall on the playground, you probably have Band-Aids on hand so you can treat...
Dec 04
Avoid Swelling: 5 Tips to Prevent Lymphedema
If you’ve undergone lymph node removal surgery or other cancer treatments like radiation, it’s important to know about the risk for swelling called lymphedema....
Oct 24
5 Maneras de Mantener Tus Pies Sanos Si Tienes Diabetes
Si tienes diabetes (en inglés), debes empezar por cuidar bien de tus pies. Esto se debe a que la diabetes puede ocasionar daños a los nervios y con ello,...
Oct 06
10 Dos and Don’ts Before You Getting Your Body Pierced
From your ears and eyebrows to navels, nipples and genitals, there are lots of unique ways to express yourself these days with body piercings—whether it...
Sep 25
What is MRSA? Five Things You Need to Know
Pro football players, college wrestlers and active-duty military are some of the strongest, most physically fit people in the world, yet even they’re not...
Sep 18
¿Quemadura de Sol Grave? Ocho Consejos para Tratarla y Encontrar Alivio
!Ay, lo volviste a hacer de nuevo! Pasaste demasiado tiempo al sol y ahora estás rojo como un camarón. En un mundo perfecto, cubriríamos la piel con protector...
Aug 01
First Aid Kit Essentials and Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves
As a mom, usually a Band-Aid and a kiss can make any child’s ouchie better, but it’s still important to be ready for any of life’s ups and downs, sprains...
Apr 26
Follow These 5 Steps to Treat a Dog Bite
Even in a dog-friendly world, things can get unfriendly once in a while. If you or your child have a run-in with a scared or aggressive dog, Jasjot Johar,...
Nov 23