Thanksgiving Meal: Follow These Food Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and pecan pie has nothing to do with it.

OK. I lie.

Between the pies and the turkey and fixin’s, I’m a very happy camper over the long weekend each year.

As a ‘live to eat’ gal, this holiday has allowed me to experience a variety of food cooked by families from different cultures: A traditional American meal many times over, Mexican one year and even southern Indian once. While I’ve always drooled at the prospect of a traditional meal, I got a timely reminder from the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, that the holiday season, along with the big parties, can also sometimes bring with it the chance of food poisonings.

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So, before you set out to throw a gastronomical extravaganza this year, do check out these essential tips about food safety. And, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


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