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Labor and Delivery Care

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As your due date approaches, your Banner Health OB provider will tell you how to judge when to go to the hospital. Typically, this is about an hour after labor starts, or when contractions are three to five minutes apart. 

Before the big day arrives, preregister at the hospital so you have one less thing to think about.

You’ll deliver your baby in a labor and delivery or birthing room or go to an operating room if you are having a c-section. Throughout your labor, our team of experts will be monitoring you and your baby. Our experienced OB nurses will help make sure your experience follows your wishes as much as possible. Be sure to talk with your doctor to create a birth plan in advance.

Learn more about our delivery methods and what you can expect during labor and delivery at Banner Health.


There are many reasons women have a c-section during childbirth. Learn more about how to prepare for a c-section, what to expect and any risks associated with the procedure

C-Section Progressions

Find out more about what happens after a c-section

Natural Childbirth

Many women want natural childbirth as part of their birth plan. Learn more about what to expect, tools and techniques you can use and recovery after natural childbirth


At Banner Health we respect the choices you make in your labor and delivery care, including the use of a midwife. Learn more about midwifery here.

Preterm Labor

Preterm labor is when your body goes into labor before expected. Rest assured that the team at Banner is prepared to help you should preterm labor occur

Multiple Pregnancy

Sometimes getting pregnant can mean you’re having twins! Or triplets! We’ve got your covered for any type of multiple pregnancy.


Pain relief can be an important part of labor and delivery. Epidurals are one of the most common forms of pain relief used during labor today. Learn more about this popular method

Labor Induction

There are a number of reasons why your labor may need to be induced. Read about when an induction may be recommended and what to expect.