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General Outpatient Surgery

With a quieter, calmer setting, Banner Surgery Centers are ready to care for your outpatient general surgery needs. Learn more about general outpatient surgery care and other common procedures offered by Banner Hospitals and Banner Surgery Centers.

What Is General Outpatient Surgery?

General surgery usually refers to procedures performed on the abdomen, breast, skin and soft tissue. While the field of general surgery can be broad, surgeons can perform a variety of procedures or choose a specialty. Outpatient general surgery is focused on these specialties within an outpatient facility for a faster recovery. Banner Surgery Centers also offer a quieter setting, lower cost and more comfort during your outpatient journey. 

Common Outpatient General Surgery Procedures

When it comes to the general surgery procedures performed in a Banner Surgery Center, there are a few common ones. We provide minimally invasive, laparoscopic and open surgical procedures such as:

  • Gallbladder removal
  • Hemorrhoid removal
  • Hernia repair
  • Removal of breast lesions
  • Removal of breast capsules
  • Repair of umbilical hernias in kids age 5 and under
  • Excision of anal lesions
  • Excision back lesions

If you have any questions about your upcoming surgery, reach out to your doctor or surgery facility. Let Banner Surgery Centers help you find the right care for you and your family’s needs.

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