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Outpatient Spine Surgery

Lean on the professionals at Banner Health to answer any questions you may have about your spine or upcoming outpatient spine surgery.

What is Outpatient Spine Surgery? 

While spine surgery used to be done inpatient, that is not the case anymore. Spine surgery uses minimally invasive techniques and is continuing to grow in outpatient settings. Outpatient surgeries also come with the benefits of quicker recovery time, lower cost and a quiet, comfortable setting compared to inpatient settings. 

Common Outpatient Spine Procedures

Discuss your spine surgery options with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you. The most common outpatient spine procedures at Banner Health include:

  • Implants of neuroelectrodes through the skin
  • Inserting or replacing neurostimulator pulse generator

Don’t let back and spine pain hold you back. Trust the teams at Banner Hospitals and Banner Surgery Centers to help get you back to your normal routine. Reach out to your doctor to discuss diagnosis and treatment options today. 

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