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Outpatient Plastic Surgery

Banner Health offers reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery options in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Trust the professionals at Banner Health to guide you through your surgery process and recovery.

What Is Outpatient Plastic Surgery? 

Outpatient plastic surgery at Banner Surgery Centers offers both reconstructive and cosmetic options. Whether you have a facial or body defect from birth or a burn, Banner Health is ready to help.

Common Outpatient Plastic Surgical Procedures

Banner Health professionals commonly perform outpatient plastic surgery procedures, such as:

  • Breast enlargement with implant
  • Revision of upper eyelid
  • Suspension of breast or mastopexy
  • Removal of breast implant
  • Skin tissue procedure
  • Reduction of large breast
  • Liposuction
  • Excision lesion 
  • Tissue transfer for eyelid, nose, ears or lips
  • Tissue transfer

Find out more about what to expect during outpatient surgery procedures by contacting your doctor or a Banner Surgery Center near you. 

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