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Outpatient Pain Management Procedures

Whether you’re experiencing pain from an injury, surgery or disease, Banner Health’s outpatient pain management is here to help. Learn how Banner Surgery Centers and Banner Health Hospitals can help alleviate and manage pain.

What Is Outpatient Pain Management? 

Outpatient pain management includes treatment options that can be done in an outpatient surgery center. With a lower cost, calmer atmosphere and shorter recovery time, your doctor can evaluate and treat different types of pain at an outpatient center using treatments like steroid shots, nerve blocks and more. 

Your Banner physician can help customize a treatment plan based on your needs not only using these pain management procedures, but through sports and medical therapies as well. Talk to your doctor about your options when it comes to outpatient pain management.  

Common Outpatient Pain Management Procedures

If you’re experiencing chronic or long-term pain, Banner Health can help minimize pain through our outpatient pain management with common pain management procedures, such as:

  • Epidural injection in spine and lower spine
  • Local anesthetic into joints
  • Destroy lumbar/sacral facet joint
  • Injection for sacroiliac joint with anesthesia
  • Injection in back to relieve back pain
  • Injection around nerves in neck
  • Peripheral nerve block

Don’t let pain control your life. Banner Health is here to provide comprehensive care. 

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