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Outpatient Podiatry Surgical Procedures

The team at Banner Surgery Centers and Banner Hospitals provide surgical and medical care for all your podiatry needs. We treat podiatric issues by creating a customized plan for each patient, including our outpatient podiatry surgical procedures.

What Is Outpatient Podiatry Surgery? 

Outpatient podiatry surgery is focused on the foot, ankle and lower extremity. At Banner Surgery Centers and hospitals, we can diagnose and treat podiatry issues like calluses, sprains, minor injuries and bunions. 

Common Outpatient Podiatry Surgery Procedures

Our expert team is prepared to help get you back on your feet. Banner Surgery Centers perform outpatient podiatric surgery procedures often, such as:

  • Hammertoe repair
  • Correction of bunion with bone removal
  • Correction of bunion without implant
  • Metatarsal fracture treatment
  • Bunion correction
  • Big toe joint fusion
  • Metatarsal incisions
  • Foot lesion removal
  • Foot bone fusion

The teams at Banner Surgery Centers are here to help during any stage of your surgery. Trust our experts to help with any treatment or post-surgery support options. If you have any questions about your outpatient podiatry surgery, talk to your doctor or any of the Banner Surgery Center professionals anytime. 

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