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Outpatient OBGYN Surgery

Whether due to menopause or other hormonal issues, OBGYN surgeries are common. Banner Surgery Centers and Banner Hospitals offer a variety of surgery services and common procedures for all your OBGYN needs.

What Is Outpatient OBGYN Surgery? 

While most OBGYN procedures, like delivering a baby, are done in a hospital, there are other OBGYN surgeries that are performed in outpatient settings. Our doctors can help diagnose and treat gynecologic issues like tubal ligation (having your tubes tied) or take care of a miscarriage. Outpatient OBGYN surgery (also known as obstetrics outpatient surgery) often provides a calmer atmosphere and lower costs for patients. Talk to your doctor about your options when it comes to OBGYN surgeries. 

Common Outpatient OBGYN Surgery Procedures

From tubal ligation to removing lesions or painful fibroids, most outpatient OBGYN surgery procedures are minimally invasive with a faster recovery time. Common surgeries and procedures include:

  • Hysteroscopy biopsy
  • Tubal ligation
  • Miscarriage care
  • Hysteroscopy ablation
  • Removal of benign or malignant tissue in the uterus or fallopian tubes
  • Removal of lesions
  • Removal of fibroids in uterus
  • Conization of cervix
  • Bladder defect repair

Talk to your doctor about any questions you have and what to expect during outpatient surgery. Trust the team at Banner Health to help get you back to your day to day life. 

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