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Hypertension in Children and Teens & How to Prevent Future Risks
A blood pressure test is a standard part of any well-check, whether you’re 3 years old or 100. While we usually think of high blood pressure – also known...
Aug 12
Should You Be Concerned About Your Heart Palpitations?
Your body is like a tiny orchestra with a hundred musicians playing in perfect harmony. It’s a beautiful performance, but all it takes is one flat violinist...
Jul 28
Lo Que Necesitas Saber Acerca de Tus Niveles de Oxígeno en la Sangre
Antes de 2020, probablemente no pensaste mucho en tus niveles de oxígeno en la sangre. Quizás hubo un momento en que te enfermaste o necesitaste cirugía,...
Oct 22
Feeling Lightheaded? Learn About Hypotension
Your couch isn’t exactly a roller coaster and your living room isn’t an amusement park. But when you stood up too fast the other day, you almost fell over...
Oct 13
Take the Stress Out of Stress Tests
We’ve all seen videos of Olympic and world-class athletes undergoing rigorous testing on a treadmill. Their body is covered from head to toe in wires,...
Aug 21
Cushing’s Syndrome: What You Need to Know
Jun 06
Should You Be Worried About an Aneurysm?
You may think the quickest way to someone’s heart is through chocolates and flowers, but it’s actually through their arteries. All jokes aside, your arteries...
May 22
Act F.A.S.T.: Recognizing Signs of Stroke
Seeing someone experience a stroke can be very scary. You may feel powerless, but that’s actually the opposite of the truth - your fast action can be the...
May 10
La Hipertensión En Hombres
Todos hemos ido al doctor y una enfermera nos ha tomado la presión arterial. La enfermera nos coloca el brazalete con bolsa inflable a la altura del pliegue...
Jul 12
¿Son seguras las bebidas energizantes?
Muchas personas consumen bebidas energizantes para aumentar sus niveles de energía, estas bebidas les ayudan a llevar adelante la jornada sin tener la...
Feb 20