Caring for Vascular Disease

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with vascular disease, it's good to know you have the experts at Banner Health on your side. Your doctor has probably explained that vascular disease means that there are issues with your circulation and blood vessels. There are many types of vascular diseases and the first thing we'll do is make sure our vascular specialists accurately diagnose your condition and get you started on the proper treatment and care plan, including the prevention of further problems.

We're expert at treating vascular disease. If you need intervention, most often we will use a minimally invasive procedure to get you back to your life as quickly as possible. And, we will outline a plan of lifestyle changes and medication to ensure your vascular problem is under control.

The various treatments that your doctor may consider, include:

  • Advanced aortic procedures, repair and dissection 
  • Carotid artery stenting and endarterectomy
  • Comprehensive wound treatment for faster healing 
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) therapy and management 
  • Vein ablation

You've come to the right place for heart care. Our heart health services are part of the full spectrum of care we provide so that no matter what you or your family need, you've got it close by. This means expert, convenient care where and when you need it. From top-of-their-field cardiologists, to a fully certified imaging team and expert cardiac surgeons, you will find it all at Banner Health.

We are with you to help you all along the way - from diagnosis, treatments and procedures to rehabilitation and getting you back home. Each team member will discuss the best plan of action for you or your loved one's particular diagnosis. Your heart care team may include:

  • Cardiologist
  • Cardiac Surgeon
  • Imaging Specialists
  • Interventional Radiologist
  • Nurse Navigator

And because we accept most insurances, that's one less thing you need to worry about.