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Avoid The Dangers Of Batteries

In recent years, the number of serious and even fatal battery ingestions has increased severely. These serious cases tend to occur when batteries get stuck in the esophagus – which is typically seen in small children. We are here to share 4 safety tips from to help avoid an emergency situation due to button batteries.

1. Store all your extra batteries in a place that is unreachable by small children, such as inside a tall cabinet.

2. With objects that need batteries to operate (remotes, cameras, watches, hearing aids, garage door openers, etc.) be sure they are properly secured shut – even if that means using tape. Whenever possible, purchases battery-operated items that require a screwdriver to access the batteries.

3. When it comes time to change your remote battery, be sure your child is not watching you. This could lead to a curiosity that might cause them future danger.

4. The last, but certainly not the least, tip that we have for you is to avoid storing batteries near any sort of food or beverage, as this could lead to accidental ingestion.

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