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Diaper Bag Essentials For Every Age

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the best friend of a mom wrangling a squirmy toddler or calming a crying newborn is a well-stocked diaper bag. It is filled with everything you need at any given moment – helping to save the day and carry the load when you can’t. Diaper blowout? No problem. Hangry toddler? Veggie puffs to the rescue.

Unless you have a magical bag like Mary Poppins, you may wonder from time to time what you need and what you can do without in your diaper bag. Have no fear, because our Banner Health Women and Infant Services Program Outreach Manager, Suzanne Clinton, a registered nurse, put together a handy list of diaper bag essentials – and some extras as baby grows – so you can enjoy your time away from the house.

Diaper Bag Essential Checklist

Did we miss anything? Are there other essentials you like to keep in your bag?

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